AJ Pagan, Renee Graziano’s Son: Top 10 Best Instagram Photos

AJ Pagan

AJ Pagan, aka AJ Graziano, is the son of Renee Graziano and her ex-husband Hector "Junior" Pagan. AJ has a girlfriend named Andrea, who Renee feels is a good influence on her son, though AJ's had a bit of legal trouble in recent years. Like many teenagers, AJ ran up some bills with his car that his mom didn't know about. He was also arrested when he was trying to break up a fight. Even so, AJ has always been his mother's rock - whether she was battling substance abuse, dealing with the betrayal of her convict ex-husband, or just having issues in her friendships with her fellow cast-mates of Mob Wives. Have a look at the best Instagram photos of AJ and his mother Renee Graziano.




Nothing about her “TV shown” relationship with her son showed *ME warm and fuzzy! All I saw was a self centered, disrespectful young man who seemed more concerned with himself than the roller coaster of emotions his mother was going through. I had so much sympathy for RenĂ©e. She had no support system to speak of! Those cast mates talked about her more than they tried to understand and help her. Was she bitchy alot? She sure was! But you might be too if you’d gone through what she has. That snitch ass, dirty ex husband of hers was a piece of cake! Who frames an old man during his last stage of life? And talk about *GRIMEY! Her ex husband made Renee and his son feel as though he wanted to be a father and husband for them. To make up for the lack of love and time he didnt give them the first time around. But he was only there to try to get info to frame her sickly, elderly Dad. Embarrassing her and her son for the world to see. Still carrying on a relationship with a tramp that no doubt was with him for money she thought he had. Hey, was her father guilty of crimes? So they said but that was for the law to prove and GOD to pass judgment. That ex of hers was the lowest of the lows!! That girlfriend of his probably thinks she “won the prize.” But if her man will do that to ppl that were once his family,(wife, son and father in law) what the heck does she think he’ll do to her given the chance? That guy is a real piece of work! If *ANYONE deserves a “hit” put out on them that guy surely does!! (Can you tell I’ve probably been reading and watching too many *Mafia crime novels and movies over the years?) Yeah, probably! Lol But that’s one story line I had to stop watching!! That ish was giving me a headache! LOL Good Luck to her!! With family and friends like she has…….she’s gonna need all she can get!


It’s so nice to see this happy photo of you two together. Renee, I think we’d be friends or evil twins if we met. I admire your ability to call a spade a spade.

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