Blake Shelton – ‘Saturday Night Live’

Blake Shelton - Saturday Night Live

Blake Shelton is both the musical guest and host of Saturday Night Live tonight. Soon, the husband of Miranda Lambert will be back on The Voice as a coach again, starting February 23, 2015, with Christina Aguilera back on the show. With an estimated net worth of $50 million, this Oklahoma boy has come a long way in his career. One thing Shelton is known for is liking his alcohol. He's often seeing drinking on The Voice, has admitted to drunk tweeting and has been featured in many TMZ videos on his way out of bars and parties. But, it's all of this that makes us love Shelton. He just doesn't care about what anyone thinks, wants to have a good time, and is still just a humble guy. As far as Shelton's drinking on The Voice, he once told Entertainment Tonight about what's in the cup he sips on during the show: I have vodka. I drink vodka on the show. Now that I think of it, every damn brand of vodka has been in that cup. And I don’t care if you like it or if anybody likes it, that's what I drink so get over it. Another thing that Shelton is known for is his bromances. He has a big time bromance with The Voice co-star Adam Levine and the two often play pranks on each other. One season, Shelton actually tweeted out Levine's phone number and as payback, Levine had manure poured on Shelton's beautiful pickup truck. Shelton even called out Levine in his promotional video for Saturday Night Live, saying, "Look who's hosting SNL now, pretty boy." Another bromance he's known for his the one with buddy Luke Bryan. The two country singers often host the Academy of Country Music Awards together and love to joke around. For more information on Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert and their marriage, click here.

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