Bob Morley, ‘The 100’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Bob Morley’s character in The 100, Bellamy Blake, has gone through some major transformations as the show has progressed: From group rebel to responsible leader, Bellamy has obviously accepted his role as co-head of the sky people. Morley himself, while not exactly a post-apocalyptic hero, shares his character’s same sense of strong beliefs.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. He is Half Irish, Half Filipino

Like his “100” costar Eliza Taylor, Morley is from Melbourne, Australia, originally. The 30-year-old was born the youngest of three to a Filipino mother and an Australian-Irish father, who died when he was young.

He told that he and Taylor would practice their lines in Australian accents.

“It just really ruined it for the rest of the episode,” he laughs. “We are never doing that again because we both just lost our flow.”

2. He Used to Play Australian Football

When TheTVAddict asked Morley if he had ever been in any situation where everyone is trying to survive, he detailed his history with the sport, adding that he’d never been any situation that Bellamy had faced on “The 100.”

I played a lot of AFL back home. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that game. That’s pretty wild. It’s just like 36 guys on the ground just fighting for a football. I guess that’s as close as I’ve come, and want to come, to anything like that. I’ve been in situations where I’ve gotten scared and just wanted to get out of there, that “fight or flight” kind of instinct, but nothing like I’ve got to experience on this show.


3. He Resents Being Objectified

Morley famously gave an interview with The Daily Telegraph in 2008 berating his previous show “Home & Away.” He said he disliked being shirtless and seen as a ‘meat puppet’ in the show. (He has since apologized for the incident.)

“It’s nice to be in a show (The Strip) where it’s not based on taking your shirt off,” he said. “That was one thing that got me down (in Home & Away). If that’s all I am – a meat puppet – then I don’t know that I want to keep doing it.”

More recently, he took to Twitter to tell fans of “The 100” to not sexually objectify him.

4. He First Met Eliza Taylor 6 Years Ago

Exclusive! 'The 100' Author Kass Morgan Interviews Bob MorleyExclusive! Author Kass Morgan chats with The 100's Bob Morley on the show's set.2014-10-31T19:13:40.000Z

In an interview with the author of the novels that “The 100” is based on, Morley said he and Taylor first met at a work event – the two starred on Australian soap opera “Neighbours,” but at different times. (Taylor starred on it from 2005-2008, and Morley was on the show from 2011-2013.)

He discussed the pair’s chemistry on TVOverMind.

To be honest, that chemistry is a surprise to Eliza and myself. We never intended to create that tension between the characters, I feel it is more the tension of the scenario that is at play.

5. He Doesn’t Like When The 100 is Called a Teen Drama

Morley has repeatedly expressed his dislike at reporters and critics branding “The 100” as a romantic teen drama. He would rather viewers focused on the moral implications of the character’s choices than who they were involved with.

He discussed it with

“It’s not a teen drama, it’s more about morality and retribution and making tough decisions,” he says. “It kind of hurts when you see those kinds of comments because they’re clearly not investing into the morality and the story.

They’re not watching the show, obviously.”