Britt Nilsson, ‘The Bachelor’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Britt Nilsson is someone to keep your eye on when it comes to The Bachelor 2015 contestants. Read on to hear all about her modeling and acting career, Bachelor spoilers, and the two “firsts” she has on the show this season. And, stay tuned as we will continue to update our facts on her throughout the season.

1. Britt Gets The First Kiss & First Impression Rose

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Soooo bright! ?☀

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On the premiere episode of The Bachelor 2015, Britt offers “free hugs” to Chris Soules, but Soules ends up giving her the first kiss of the season. Plus, not only did Britt get the first kiss from Soules, she also got the First Impression Rose.

2. She’s A Model And Actress

Britt Nilsson aspires to be a model and actress, having profile pages with Pickerillcreative, M Model Management, Model Mayhem, and IMDB. Check out this odd short film she’s in called Innocent Attraction in the above video. The plot of the film reads:

A psychological thriller about an innocent attraction in a coffee shop. But people aren’t alway what they seem, and the outcome is not always how you imagine…

3. Chris Soules Gets The Longest Hug In The World From Britt

Britt gives Soules an awkwardly long and emotional hug to start things off together, which you think would turn Soules off, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Bachelor host Chris Harrison dished on the uncomfortably long hug:

She is a stunningly good-looking waitress from Hollywood who is used to turning heads and of course has done some modeling. But she seems very sincere about trying to find somebody to settle down with. If he had to pick one straight out of the limo that first night, it was Britt, who I think is the first girl to get out of the limos. The best part was that she walked up, he told her she is beautiful, and then they hugged. And they kept hugging. And then the hug doesn’t stop and it gets awkward. It is the longest hug I’ve ever seen during the arrivals. He then proceeded to tell her it was the best hug he’d had in a long time and then asked for her name.

That hug definitely worked because Britt gets more than one rose this season.

4. Her Biggest Fear Is Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love Her Back

Britt tells ABC that her biggest fear is being into someone who doesn’t feel the same way about her. She also stated that:

If I never had to worry, I would be very happy.

This may be the wrong show for Britt, because the odds are The Bachelor star won’t end up feeling the same way about her that she does for him.

5. Britt Nilsson Is a Giver

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Blonde is back, starting tuh-now.

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In addition to giving free hugs, Britt is very charitable. She told ABC that her biggest achievement in life is this:

The children I sponsor are my most proud achievement. I am happy to put my money toward giving them a better life.

And, when ABC asked her what she’d do with her winnings if she won the lottery, she said:

Pay off my college loans. Buy my parents whatever they need most, plus a vacation! Save half of the difference and give the other half to charity.