David Seelinger of EmpireCLS, ‘Undercover Boss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David Seelinger is the Chairman and CEO of EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services, a luxury chauffeured transportation leader, and he is a big fan of the show Undercover Boss. So, of course he wanted to be a part of the experience. One of the main reasons Seelinger wanted to go on the show was to connect with his employees. Read on for the details on Seelinger’s experience, the company EmpireCLS, and the featured employees.

1. He Started His Career As a Driver And Worked His Way Up To His Current Position

On the show, David takes on jobs as a chauffeur, assistant fleet director, and dispatcher during his time undercover, but he felt that the hardest job was being a chauffeur. He said that it’s changed a lot since he was a driver 20 years ago. The chauffeur that David works with on the show is named Jackie. Her CBS bio reads:

Jackie is a fun, bubbly and enthusiastic chauffeur in Las Vegas. Her personality shines brightly, and her positive attitude is infectious. Jackie selflessly works hard in order to support her family. Having been a single parent, she wants to make sure that her family members have everything they need.

2. Seelinger Battled Addiction

Seelinger was bullied growing up in Pennsylvania, saying that he was overweight. As a result, he battled depression, drug addiction, and alcoholism, which led him into a downward spiral. He dropped out of high school in 9th grade and he attempted suicide, but he ended up in a hospital, then a psychiatric center, and then rehab. He believes it was a miracle that gave him a second chance at life. Hear his story in the above video.

3. A Porno Was Shot In One Of The Company Car’s

Seelinger becomes very upset on one of the passenger pick-ups when the employee he’s riding with tells the female passenger that a porno was shot in the car. He gets very inappropriate and tells her that one of the girls in the porno stuck her tongue in his ear. Watch the uncomfortable scene above.

4. There Are Four Employees Featured This Episode

In fact 1, we got to know chauffeur Jackie, but there’s also chauffeur Frank, dispatcher Anthony, and assistant fleet director Swan. According to CBS:

Swan prides herself at being a no-nonsense, hard-working woman. She makes sure the drivers in her fleets are well taken care of. Swan wants to make sure that every chauffeur on the road is a safe driver. In addition to a passion for her job, Swan has a love for animals.

The bio for Anthony reads:

With an outspoken, no-filter attitude, Anthony sends Empire CLS drivers to the next location. He is often transparent about his negative feelings for his employer and feels like there’s no way up the ladder with Empire.

And then there’s Frank:

Having overcome an addiction, Frank feels that he’s been given a second chance with Empire CLS. Frank is a hard worker who makes sure each of his clients is carefully transported from one location to another. Frank keeps busy by ‘low-riding’ when he’s off of work. Frank lives with the regret of not getting to say goodbye to his grandfather when he passed away, and is still feeling the consequences of his old habits.

5. The Customer Is Always Right

Seelinger is on the phone with a customer who wants an extra stop made on his drive, but the company does not want to grant him a no-charge stop. Seelinger becomes upset because the customer is always right. Have a look at the footage in the above video.




I have watched this show many of times this one really got to me. What a great man you must be. If only more people were true like you what a great world this would be. If your ever close to West Virgina would love to meet you and give you a big hugh.

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