Diem Brown, ‘The Challenge: Battle of The Exes 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge "Fresh Meat" "The Duel" MedGift documentaryMedGift.com then L4TC came about during the filming of this documentary. One of the producers on Fresh Meat asked me at the wrap party if she could follow me through my treatment for Ovarian Cancer… I agreed and it was the best decision I have ever made. Its rough to watch at times but kind…2011-07-26T00:58:08.000Z

Diem Brown was an inspiration as she battled cancer and beat it twice in her life. She was a bright light that brought fun and love to the MTV Challenges. Sadly, while filming The Challenge: Battle of The Exes 2, Brown found out that her cancer had returned and it was a battle that she would not win. Nonetheless, Brown was a champion. Read on for the facts on her illness, how she inspired others, her relationship with cast-mate Chris “CT” Tamburello, and the day the world got a little dimmer.

1. Brown Passed Away On November 14, 2014

After being diagnosed again with the disease in August 2014, Diem lost her life on November 14, 2014, just a few months later. Diem passed away at 10:22 a.m., the exact same time she came into the world on June 12, 1982. Shortly after she died, the fire alarm went off in the hospital, flashing lights and sirens. Her loved ones like to believe it was Diem in heaven already partying and having a good time. She was always known for her hair flips, even when there was no hair to flip.

Diem had beaten cancer two times, but over the summer, Diem Brown was told the cancer that had been found in her stomach and colon in August had spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

She is pictured with her sister, who has stuck by her, in the above photo.

2. CT Reportedly Proposed to Diem On Her Death Bed


CT and Diem met while filming for MTV and the two fell in love. They had a rocky relationship over the years, breaking up and making up over the course of a decade. CT was there for Diem as she conquered cancer and he was there for her when the disease took her life. Just five days before Diem passed away, CT proposed to her at the hospital, but Diem didn’t want to get engaged that way. Though Diem dreamed of having a family and husband one day, it just wasn’t in her plan. In a touching message on Instagram, posted with the above photo where you can see a ring, a heartbroken CT wrote:

You have always been My Angel.
And now you have your wings.

We’ve been thru so much over the years. Thru the ups and downs we somehow managed to keep our promise. We never gave up on each other. Our plan to be together forever hasn’t changed… it’s just going to take a little longer now. And I’m going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again.

So don’t worry mama, I’m not afraid. I know you will always be with me to give me your strength.

You are The Love of My Life.
My reason to be a better man.

I Love You Always and Forever

3. She Made MTV History

MTV Challenge Duel Diem and CTFrom the premiere episode…CT (RW:Paris) gives a loving message Wes (RW:Austin)2006-10-10T17:07:40.000Z

Diem had overcome ovarian cancer and was wearing a wig to cover her lack of hair when she competed on one of the “challenge” for MTV. On one challenge, the contestants had to go through a pool of muddy water and Diem realized she’d have to remove her wig. That moment was the most touching moment in MTV history and the support she got from those around her was amazing. CT thought Diem looked like a sexy G.I. Jane and the two made history again that season with the most talked about first kiss on MTV. The two walked onto the beach together, thinking they were out of the view of the cameras and their cast-mates. CT removed Diem’s bandana and gave her the most passionate kiss, a kiss that made us all believe in true love.

For more information on the couple we love, check out the below link:

4. MedGift Was Her Creation

Diem Brown developed MedGift because she wanted people to know that “the fight is worth it.” With MedGift, you can start your own fundraisers and support pages to help you when battling a disease like cancer.

Click here to learn all about MedGift and what it offers.

5. Diem Brown’s Final Diagnosis Was Originally Thought To Be A Food Allergy


When Diem Brown was filming The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2, at one point, she collapsed with intense stomach pain and had to be airlifted to a hospital in New York. Originally, it was thought that Brown was suffering from a food allergy. Unfortunately, this was not the case and she had to have emergency surgery to get rid of a tumor in her colon. CT flew to be at her side.

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