Donnie Loves Jenny: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy have taken the plunge into reality TV as newlyweds together and fans could not be more excited. New Kids on the Block lovers are going crazy for the couple. Read on for all the facts on the show Donnie Loves Jenny and the whirlwind romance of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg. And, for all the facts on the couple, check out the below link.

1. The Series Kicks Off With The Couple’s Wedding

Donnie And Jenny begins with the wedding of the two love birds. We get to see the beautiful bride and groom, along with an emotional toast that Jenny gives at the reception. The wedding took place outside Chicago and McCarthy’s son walked her down the aisle to give her away. Donnie helped him get dressed for the big day. On an episode of Donnie’s family’s show The Wahlburgers, Donnie provided a tour bus to get his mother to the wedding since she isn’t a fan of flying.

2. Donnie And Jenny Are Not Afraid Of The Reality Curse

Reality TV has a habit of breaking up couples who appear on shows together, but Donnie and Jenny are not afraid of the curse. Jenny told Us Weekly:

We went into this show saying, okay, there’s nothing salacious that’s going to happen because we don’t have fights. We’re very good about doing coping tools to kind of maneuver through anything that people might fight [about] so I’m not worried because everything we’re doing is us, and us is in the nicest vibration we always are in. And hopefully people will respond to that and not need crazy.

Donnie then added:

We’re not really worried about [the reality TV curse] … we always say reality TV shows don’t break up couples, couples break up couples.

3. They Want To Make A Positive Show

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One thing that draws viewers to reality television is negativity, but Donnie and Jenny don’t want you to underestimate the power of love and positivity. McCarthy told Us Weekly:

We really enjoy being with each other and we enjoy making television, it’s in our blood. We said, let’s do some high vibrational TV, let’s keep that energy going and see if we can be part of a shift where there is an audience for people that want to see some happy and some good, instead of some dark.

4. We’ve Already Seen the Couple Together on The Wahlburgers

Jenny McCarthy has made a few appearances on the reality show The Wahlburgers with Donnie’s family and every time she sees his brothers or mom, she digs for dirt on her man to bust his chops with. So, the couple has already had a taste of reality TV together. Donnie has another reality show coming out called Rock This Boat. It follows him and the rest of the New Kids On The Block around as they go on a cruise with a few thousand of their biggest fans.

5. Donnie Was Jenny’s New Year’s Kiss On Live Television

For Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special, this year, just like last year, Jenny had her man Donnie on hand to play with and share a smooch with at midnight. Prior to meeting Donnie, Jenny used to pick a handsome stranger from the crowd to kiss when the ball dropped, but she stopped that tradition at the request of her husband.