Eliza Taylor, ‘The 100’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



25-year-old Eliza Taylor is the star of The CW’s futuristic post-apocalyptic drama “The 100.” As Clarke Griffin, she is the tough but morally upright leader of a group of young adults from space trying to survive on earth among violent native “Grounders” and mutated animals. In real life, however, she is a goofy Aussie who enjoys poutine and making Vines.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Taylor is a Native Australian

Eliza was born in Melbourne, Australia, on October 24, 1989. Her stepfather is a stand-up comedian and her mother is an author and graphic designer. She has two sisters and a brother.

She went to Calder High School and immediately transitioned to acting in Australian children’s show “Pirate Island” after graduating. She also refined her acting career with the Melbourne acting school, Drama with a Difference. After starting on “The 100,” she moved to Los Angeles, even though the show films in Vancouver, Canada.

2. She is an Avid Vine User

Besides starring in “The 100,” Taylor is perhaps most well-known for her humorous Vine videos – the second result when you enter her name into a Google search bar is “Eliza Taylor Vines.”

Having only had her account since March of 2013, she has 11.4 thousand followers, and her Vines have nearly 4 million “loops.” They greatly feature her “100” co-stars Bobby Morley, Devon Bostick and Christopher Larkin.

3. She was Originally a Soap Opera Star



Taylor’s big break was acting as a series regular on the internationally popular Australian soap opera “Neighbours.” She starred on the program from 2003 to 2008, performing in 307 episodes by the time she left her role.

She played Janae Timmins, a character best known for her marriage at 16 years old and sexually promiscuous nature. She was nominated for her performance at the 2007 Inside Soap Awards for “Best Actress.”

4. “The 100” is Her First American Show

Warner Bros. At Comic-Con International 2014


Though she has acted in several Australian TV programs as well as movies, “The 100” is the first time she has starred in a TV show that primarily premieres in America. She has been on the show since it began in mid-2013, and will continue to star in it, as it has been renewed for season 3.

5. She is a Self-Described “Food Enthusiast”

Taylor’s Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts all boast pictures of her with plates of food, eating out with friends – she even calls herself a “food enthusiast” in her Vine account description. Her favorite food, however, is chocolate.