‘Galavant’ ABC Show Cast & Premiere Spoilers


Prince Galavant is on a quest for revenge over the King, who has stolen his lady love. The official synopsis of the musical comedy, mini-series reads: Once upon a time, a dashing hero named Galavant embarks on a quest to restore his "happily ever after" when he loses Madalena, the love of his life, to evil King Richard. Galavant is prepared to use his many skills to win back his beautiful lady and avenge her, but he is surprised by the twists and turns he encounters along the way. HitFix gives some info on what to expect the first episode of the show, writing: The pilot only has two songs, but the first one is reprised so often that it will get stuck in your head for at least a few hours. The problems come more on the comedy end, though, where I'd happily watch a series focusing on Omundson, Jones and Youngblood (Magnitude from "Community"), but quickly grew tired of everything and everyone else. Omundson in particular is having the time of his life as the cruel but ineffectual king, oblivious to how much Madalena despises him and how little anyone would fear him without Gareth standing to his right. Songs from the new musical show are available on iTunes. These songs include "She'll Be Mine" and "Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever" and you can check them out by clicking here. The show Galavant premieres Sunday, January 4, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC and features several big named guest stars on various episodes.

Click through our gallery to check out all the characters and stars appearing on the series, starting with this photo of Galavant, played by Joshua Sasse.


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