When Does ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Start on Netflix?

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House of Cards will start streaming on Netflix after midnight on February 27. That date was announced back in December on the show’s official Twitter account. It’s not clear exactly what time it will being but in 2014, the second season began streaming just after 3 a.m. on the release date. Thankfully February 27 is a Friday so you won’t have to use any of your precious work-sick days, all you have to do is lose some friends. You can watch the trailer for season three above.

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Principal photography for the show only ended on December 20, according to creator Beau Willimon. The final scenes were shot in New Mexico. The show’s producers wanted permission to shoot some scenes from inside of the United Nations building in New York City, but were denied after objections from the Russians, seriously. That puts House of Cards in the esteemed company of Alfred Hitchcock who was also denied permission to do this in 1959 for North by Northwest. In 2005, the bureaucrats reneged to allow Sean Penn/Nicole Kidman’s awful The Interpreter to be filmed in the building.


Regards spoilers, it’s difficult to know what online rumors are true. Personally, I’m using the Wikipedia article on the English version of the show as a guide. That’s available to stream on Netflix right now, you don’t have to wait until February 27.