Jennifer Lopez, ‘American Idol’ Judge 2015: Best Instagram Pics

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Jennifer Lopez - American Idol Judge 2015

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has a net worth of an estimated $300 million, with an annual salary of $20-30 million. As a super star actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, and television producer, would you expect anything less? Currently, she has a new movie coming out called The Boy Next Door and it's a sexy, suspense thriller, where she plays a teacher who sleeps with one of her students, but things take a twisted turn. Recently, Lopez's documentary came out on HBO and showed her vulnerable side as she emotionally opened up about the demise of her marriage to Marc Anthony. Lopez revealed: I remember being on set, in my dressing room and not being able to get up in the morning. There's simply no pain that compares to the hurt and failure of a divorce. The latest rumor about Lopez's love life is that she has a famous admirer - Pitbull. Hollywood Life reported: He’s never made a move because she’s always been linked with someone — first [ex-hubby] Marc Anthony, then Casper. But now he’s telling pals that he and J.Lo could be the next Brangelina. He’s even come up with their mash-up name: Pit-Lo. Only time will tell if the rumors are true. For the 5 Fast Facts on Jennifer Lopez.

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