Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Makeout Session With Chris Soules’ on ‘The Bachelor’

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Who sneaks into Chris Soules tent on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor? According to reports, it’s contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe. However, the show has made it seem as if the two have sex and the other contestants find out, making things extremely upsetting on the show. This is not the case. According to Reality Steve, Bristowe and Soules just makeout.

So, how does everyone end up camping in the first place? For a group date, Soules takes some of the contestants to a lake for the day and then lets them know that they’ll be staying the night. The date turns into an overnight camping trip.

Another big spoiler about Bristowe this episode is that she reportedly removes her bikini bottoms when all the girls are splashing about in the lake. She’s not alone in nudity, however, as contestant Ashley I. takes off her top. And, apparently Ashley I. also gets in on the tent action too as Reality Steve reports:

Kaitlyn goes into his tent at some point as does Ashley I. I’m sure it’s done away from the other women with the illusion like sex happened. It didn’t. They sneak in and make out with him and that’s all. Ashley I. gets the group date rose.

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