Keith Urban: ‘American Idol’ Judge’s Best Instagram Photos

Keith Urban - American Idol Judge

Keith Urban is one of the biggest country stars on the music scene and he's married to one of the biggest movie stars in the world - Nicole Kidman. He's got a sexy head of hair, amazing song-writing skills, and he's a doting father as well as husband. Viewers love to see Urban on American Idol each season, especially now since he's formed a bromance with fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. The two goof around a lot and have great on-screen chemistry. They also talk about their children a lot. Connick tells E! News: When we're taking breaks and we have a lunch break on set, we'll all sit around the table and Keith will tell us about what his kids are doing and Jennifer will say, 'My kids are doing this.' That's what we talk about and we talk about the stuff that matters. I don't think we've ever really sat down at talk about the contestants before. And, for the 5 Fast Facts on Keith Urban, click here.

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