‘Stay’ Singer Lisa Loeb Guest Stars on ‘About a Boy’

If you were a teen girl during the ’90s, one of your anthems was surely “Stay” by Lisa Loeb.
The movie Reality Bites starring Ethan and Hawke and Winona Ryder came out in 1994 and the single was on its soundtrack. “Stay” earned Loeb the musical feat of being the first independent artist to be at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was chosen for the film because Loeb was a friend of Hawke’s who passed it on to Reality Bites’ director, Ben Stiller. Although it became popular in 1994, the song still resonates with people, bringing them back to their youth. “It’s funny how it has become this iconic song for a specific time. When a song is popular and people connect to it, they don’t ever stop connecting, it brings back memories while still being timeless. Everyone has had that experience,” Loeb told Moment Mag.

Although she is most well known for the lines “You say I only hear what I want to. And you say I talk so all the time-so,” she is also recognized for her signature black-rimmed eyeglasses. “I didn’t like being labeled the ‘girl who wore glasses,'” she told Radio.com. “But I remember somebody calling me waifish and that being worse. Like, ‘I’m just on the thinner side right now and I wear glasses, but I care about the music.” In fact, she used her iconic status to create an eyeglass line.

On January 6, a new generation will be introduced to Lisa Loeb as she guest stars on About a Boy. In “About a Manniversary,” Marcus and Will celebrate their one-year friendship by attending a folk concert where she’s in the lineup.

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