MTV ‘The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2’ Spoilers: Everything You Need to Know

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II | Official Trailer | MTVThe most shocking season yet premieres Tuesday, January 6 at 11/10c. Subscribe to MTV: Battle of the Exes II takes twenty six of the most infamous former flames, recent splits, and fresh faces from other MTV reality series, to Panama for one of the most explosive Challenge formats yet. Once paired up with their…2014-12-17T22:31:20.000Z

For the 2015 edition of The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2, there are a few twists, a ton of drama, and definitely some tears. On the first episode, the cast members find out that they will be competing with their exes. In addition, jealousy rears its ugly head when new flirtations begin in the house. This season is filled with many firsts and there’s supposed to be a big twist in the game when it comes to sending people home. People are put in exile and compete against each other to try to make it back into the house. One of the other firsts this season is that the show has branched out to include contestants from the MTV reality show Are You The One? So, it’s not just all Real World’ers.

Another first this season is that two contestants who are featured on the show, have now passed away. One was Diem Brown, who battled and overcame cancer several times. She was an inspiration to many and is reported to have found out she had cancer while filming the show. It was reported that Brown collapsed on set and was taken to a hospital in New York, where they initially thought she was suffering from an allergy. Unfortunately, it turned out that her cancer had returned and was taking over her body. Even in her final days, she was still fighting to live and her cast members rallied around her. Just a couple weeks later, another cast member passed away – Ryan Knight. The Boston Herald reported:

On Thanksgiving morning, the 28-year-old, best known as “Knight,” was found dead at a pal’s Kenosha, Wisconsin, home. “He had spent the evening partying in Milwaukee,” says a source of the fun-loving reality star. “He was discovered the next morning in a pool of vomit.”

Knight had been complaining of stomach pains, but reports alluded to that Knight had been drinking and choked on his vomit. For more information on Diem Brown’s death, have a look at the below link:

Below find a list of each of the new contestants this season:

Adam Kuhn and Brittany Baldassari

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nany González

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown

Dustin Zito and Jessica McCain

Jay Gotti and Jenna Compono

John “JJ” Jacobs and Simone Kelly

Johnny Reilly and Averey Tressler

Jordan Wiseley and Sarah Rice

Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carroll

Leroy Garrett and Nia Moore

Thomas Buell and Haley Chivers

Wes Bergmann and Theresa González

Zach Nichols and Jonna Mannion

This season is dedicated to Diem Brown and Ryan Knight.

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