Neil Patrick Harris as Chester on ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’

Neil Patrick Harris As Chester, The Traveling Salesman on American Horror Story: Freakshow

Neil Patrick Harris plays a traveling salesman, who catches the eyes of the twins on American Horror Story: Freakshow. His character's name is Chester. The first episode he's on is called "Magical Thinking" and the synopsis reads: Elsa prepares for her move to Hollywood. The Twins grow enamored with a traveling salesman. Dell plots Jimmy's escape from police custody. His second episode, which airs on January 14, 2014, is called "Show Stoppers" and the plot reads: Dandy gives the Twins troubling information about Chester. Maggie vows to prove her loyalty to Jimmy. The Freaks enforce their harsh code of justice. Third is the episode "Curtain Call," which has this plot line: The Freaks rebel against new management. Dandy prepares for his debut performance. Elsa arrives in Tinseltown. Harris' husband David Burtka reportedly appears on the show's finale episode, so be sure to be watching for that as well. Harris' being a part of the show has been long-awaited. Now that the time has finally come, click through our gallery of NPH's best, recent Instagram photos to celebrate.