Nick Kroll, Amy Poehler’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In 2013, Golden Globes 2015 host Amy Poehler started dating actor and comedian Nick Kroll. It came out publicly that the two were a couple when they attended the AFI’s 41st Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala together. Poehler has even written about Kroll in her memoir “Yes Please.” Read on for the facts on the funny couple below.

1. Kroll Warned Bono To Watch His Back After Poehler Made Out With Him

Last year at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, in one of Poehler’s skits, she had a full on make out session with U2’s Bono. In response, Kroll jokingly posted the above tweet, warning Bono to watch his back.

2. He’s The Son Of Business Man Jules B. Kroll, Who Founded a Billion-Dollar Company

Kroll’s father owns Kroll Inc., which is a billion-dollar company and it’s reported that he invented the modern corporate investigations industry. Kroll Inc. was sold to Marsh & McLennan Companies for $1.9 billion in 2004 and Jules went on to open more successful companies.

3. The Kroll Show Is His Sketch Comedy TV Show

You can see Kroll at work on his sketch comedy program, Kroll Show. The show is featured on Comedy Central and has been picked up for its third season, which is its last.

4. Kroll And Poehler Have Appeared On Each Other’s Shows

Like many couples, Poehler and Kroll mix business with pleasure, appearing on each other’s shows. Entertainment Weekly reported:

Nick Kroll has popped up on Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation as the second half of shock-jock team Crazy Ira and the Douche. Now Poehler flips the script and guest-stars on Kroll Show as a highly dubious individual that is nothing like Knope in the next installment of “Rich Dicks.”

5. Poehler Was Previously Married To Will Arnett

Amy Poehler married actor Will Arnett on August 29, 2003, but the two stated they were separating in 2012. The two shared a ton of projects together throughout their marriage:

Poehler had a recurring role on the series Arrested Development as the wife of Arnett’s character Gob Bluth. They also played a quasi-incestuous brother–sister ice skating team in the 2007 film Blades of Glory, and appeared together in Horton Hears a Who!, On Broadway, Spring Breakdown, and Monsters vs. Aliens, along with Arnett having a guest appearance on Parks and Recreation; both did voice acting in The Secret World of Arrietty.