‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: PLL Winter Premiere – Season 5

Pretty Little Liars returns for the second half of season 5 and we’ve got all the spoilers we could find on what you can expect to see. Executive Producer Marlene King dished to Entertainment Tonight:

This is really the season where we flip-flopped our cycles. Usually the summer season is more about the romance and sort of the ground work for the story that we then pay off on the flipside. But we essentially made the decision to change that kind of formula. We wanted to be fresh and fun and ride the mystery train in the summer cycle, and leave more room for fun, and romance, and a little bit lighter story this winter.

PLL writer Lijah Barasz told Alloy Entertainment:

The winter premiere starts a few months after Christmas, and a lot has happened since Mona died on Thanksgiving. Everyone has his/her own theories about who killed Mona, including her mom. Clearly, Mrs. Vanderwaal does not want Ali at the funeral and has a few choice words for the suspected murderer. Sydney Penny is, indeed, awesome. Emotional, riveting, and a touch Mona-esque.

As for Aria news, Lijah states:

Aria, like the rest of the PLLs, hopes that graduating from high school and moving out of Rosewood will mean getting away from “A” once and for all. But “A” is not going to just let the PLLs leave without a fight. Aria’s the first one to realize “A” might be sabotaging her college plans, but each girl will be affected in different ways by “A’s” war on their post-high-school lives.

Jason has some major problems on the premiere episode as Lijah explains:

Jason is completely caught between his two sisters. Protecting one means condemning the other. Spencer’s already been arrested for Bethany’s murder, and she believes Alison killed Mona and Bethany. Meanwhile, Ali claims she’s the innocent one who’s being framed. Jason has to decide which sister to protect and which one to indict, and his decision has a ricochet effect throughout the rest of the season.

Watch a clip of Jason below:

According to Unreality Primetime, things don’t look good for Paily:

Paily are having a big talk about their future and how Emily hasn’t come around to the idea of her leaving. Paige has enough credits to leave early so her parents won’t listen to her staying on in Rosewood. While Em does all she can to try and keep the pair together despite the move, it’s no use and she offers to drop Paige off at the airport.

In addition to the a winter premiere, the show is debuting a new PLL Snapchat. So, what will the Snapchat provide?

ABC Family will launch their new Pretty Little Liars Snapchat account (PLL) on Tuesday, January 6th by giving fans a sneak peek of the first three minutes of the January 6th winter premiere – a first for ABC Family and Pretty Little Liars on Snapchat. Fans will be able to see the first three minutes of the January 6th premiere in short snaps throughout the day until 7:00 PM ET. The Snapchat story will begin at 10:00 AM ET and will disappear at 7:15 PM ET, just in time for the start of the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere.

Gearing up for the big premiere, ABC Family will be having a PLL marathon for the day, leading up to the new episode.

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