‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Cast Season 3

Preachers' Daughters - Season 3

It's the third season of the show Preachers' Daughters and there are a ton of changes going on. For one, instead of focusing on four families, there are now nine girls who are leaving their homes to pursue missionary work. Executive Producer Adam Reed told The Christian Post: When we were talking with the network we all felt the first two seasons of 'Preachers Daughters' were great, and in watching them we realized that we were kind of missing out on something special. We were seeing four preachers' daughters separated from each other but all going through the same and different things. But wouldn't it be interesting to see everybody together? It is more interesting to see preachers' daughters on the show all get together and see all of their different viewpoints because I think it just makes the show and the characters multi-dimensional. You're not just getting one perspective. The official premise of the show gives you a better look at what to expect, writing: The divide between sinners and saints has never been more clear than in the all-new season of Lifetime’s hit docuseries "Preachers’ Daughters." Nine preachers’ daughters leave their homes to pursue missionary work in Mexico. But with their newfound freedom, will the preachers’ daughters remain on their best behavior? The first episode is titled "Mission From God" and the synopsis reads: The girls head out on a mission trip to Cabo San Lucas; the girls become divided over their religious views and the temptations surrounding them; Megan chooses not to drink; Kristiana makes a confession that goes against everything Cierra believes. The second episode is titled "Hot As Hell" and the plot is: Cierra's temper becomes an issue when she is made mission leader; Kayla causes trouble when she selfishly drinks all the water; a new girl arrives.

Now that you have the rundown on the new season, click through our gallery to check out each one of the girls in the cast.


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