Prince Maximilian Ferdinand Von Anhalt – ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

Prince Maximilian Ferdinand Von Anhalt

Anhalt is the son of Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, a German businessman, nightclub owner and prince, who was has been married to Zsa Zsa Gabor for many years. 2Paragraphs reported: Ferdinand’s father is Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, who at the age of 36 was adopted by Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt, hence the name and royalty status. Six years later, he married Zsa Zsa Gabor (it was her eighth marriage). Nearly 30 years later they are still married – Zsa Zsa is now 94 years old. Frédéric is 26 years her junior. Even after Frédéric came forth publicly in 2007 admitting/claiming he had a 10-year-long affair with Anna Nicole Smith, Frédéric and Zsa Zsa continue living their lives together in Bel Air. Currently, Anhalt is appearing on Bravo's reality show Millionaire Matchmaker to be fixed up by star Patti Stanger. Anhalt has told Patti Stanger that his celebrity crush is Coco, Ice-T's wife and that he prefers older women, just as his father seems to. On the plus side, Anhalt isn't just a spoiled rich boy. He has a real job as a lawyer and makes his own money, though he does live close to his father. When it comes to Anhalt's father's marriage to Gabor, who is 26 years older than him, his father has stated: We didn't marry for love. It was a friendship, but when you're with someone over a certain time you fall in love.

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Kelly Cokosky

In my opinion!
He is a beautiful man! Very classy and well rounded a romantic at its finest! His accent is amazing and the fact that he knows the german language is by far an awesome factor! Who cares about money. He’s perfect just the way he is with / without it! 💕


Kelly Cokosky u have no clue. He scams women with his so called charm. He had sex with over 200 ppl. He cheats on every girl he meets. He also has a swingers website in Germany. He married a 52 yr old woman with two kids for a green card so she can take care of him because he has no job, no money , and no real royalties. He’s a scam artist to use ppl. He’s fat and ugly. A real man takes care of him self. Get a clue.

Suzanne Stewart

Von Anhalt is NOT a prince, nor is his father!!! Germany has no royalty and the Von Anhalt nobility (once upon a time…) do not recognize him or his father (and this guy is adopted just like his father was; both born commoners!!!!) as noble in the least! This is a gimmick and it has all been bought, sash and medals included!


Exactly! And the first clue to the fact that these guys are a sham is the fact that his father was adopted at 36 (as the article above says) (!!!!!) and this guy was adopted at 26 (!!!!). I mean seriously. “Prince”. What a joke.