Suge Knight Runs Man Over With His Car


The identity of the victim is Terry Carter and TMZ states that they are told Carter has died. TMZ writes: Sources connected with Suge tell TMZ … the 2 men who fought Suge were the instigators. Our sources say Suge was scared because he’s in frail health — in addition to being shot 6 times last summer, he recently almost died from a blood clot. Sources tell TMZ … the victim is Terry Carter, who we’re told is a friend of Suge’s. We’re told there was a passenger in Suge’s car, who will be a critical witness in the hit and run … Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … The Sheriff’s Dept. has issued a bulletin to all Southern California law enforcement saying “be on the lookout” for Suge Knight … that he is wanted for questioning for 187 — murder. They also say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Suge Knight has hit a man with his car during a fight and the status on the victim’s injuries have not been released yet, nor has his name. TMZ broke the story reporting:

Suge Knight got into a fight on the set of film project in Compton, and ran over a man who may have been killed … according to witnesses.

Ice Cube posted a tweet and Instagram photo online letting fans know that he, Game, and Dr. Dre were shooting a commercial (photo below).

According to the story, Suge Knight pulled up and a fight occurred between him and a crew member. In the midst of the argument, Knight is reported to have put his car in reverse and take off, accidentally hitting a bystander. TMZ further reports:

It’s unclear at this point if the man was connected to the film project, but people on scene say he was killed. Cops confirm they are investigating an incident of a man getting run over … but can’t confirm a suspect or the death yet.