Who Got Fired on Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? 1/12/15 – Episode 2

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Tonight’s second episode of the back-to-back shows of Celebrity Apprentice eliminated another contestant – Terrell Owens.

The show started out in the Central Park Boat House in New York, which is a great place for weddings. The task for the day is opening up boutiques to sell wedding dresses. Each team can charge whatever they want for the dresses and the winner gets to keep both teams’ earnings from the competition. To spice things up, Donald Trump mixes up some of the contestants, making two new teams. The first team, Team Vortex, is Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson, Kate Gosselin, Sig Hansen, Lorenzo Lamas, and Geraldo Rivera. The project manager for that was Rivera. The other team, Team Infinity, was made up of Ian Ziering, Johnny Damon, Terrell Owens, Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore, and Leeza Gibbons.

At one point, Ziering cannot find Brandi Glanville because she left, saying she had a panic attack and went to lie in bed, though she promised to email all night long and raise him a ton of money. Ziering takes it well and tells the others to basically stop talking negatively about the situation and focus their energy on being productive. Ziering desperately wants to beat Rivera; almost as much as Rivera wants to beat Ziering.

Kate’s idea is to dress as a bride and groom outside and Rivera loves it. For Ziering’s store, he has filled the store with decorations that he lined up before appearing on the show. He was well-prepared.

Glanville’s money starts pouring in right away and Ziering is very pleased. Meanwhile, Geraldo received a $100,000 check in the beginning of the day. Ziering had some of the Chippendales come in to lure in women and raise awareness on the street. Ziering then gets a check for over $165,000 and it’s a home-run for him. Gosselin was waiting on a check once again and a few of Terrell Owens’ contacts had fallen through. Gosselin’s contact finally came through with $30,000.

Trump reveals that both teams raised almost $600,000, which is more than has been raised on the show. Trump then presents the teams with a deal. They can either split the earnings or they can go for broke and try to take the win. Rivera says that the charity should be split and Ziering agrees, saying he doesn’t want to risk losing it all. Rivera, though, says he knows he won … and he was right by just a couple thousand.

On Ziering’s team, aside from Ziering, the men didn’t do as well, meaning that Johnny Damon and Terrell Owens had to go back into the boardroom. Owens was put on the spot and reveals that a check for $5,000 didn’t come through, which would have given his team the win. In turn, Owens was sent home.