‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Everything You Need to Know

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With 450 people in Chris Soules’ Iowan town, it’s difficult to find women … but not when the Bachelor franchise comes to town. So, how did Soules get involved with the series in the first place? His sisters actually submitted him to compete in The Bachelorette and he says he has no regrets in participating in the show. Soules says he definitely wants to get married and have kids soon, but was just holding out for the right one.

As far as the crazy limo arrivals this year, there were quite a few. Reegan, who’s a cadaver tissue saleswoman, shows up with a fake, bloody heart in a cooler. Tandra shows up on a motorcycle, Amanda has her limo driver slip Chris a note to keep her identity a secret, Nicole shows up wearing a pig nose, Carly came out singing with a Mr. Microphone set, and Jordan brought a bottle of Whiskey to take a shot.

Now let’s get into the real spoilers as we give you a recap of the first episode, the identity of the winner, who gets the first impression rose and the first kiss, the final contestants on the show, and some eliminations. So, if you don’t want the surprise ruined for you, stop reading now.

And the winner is … Whitney Bischoff. The final four contestants this year, according to Reality Steve, are Becca Tilley, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jade Roper, and Whitney Bischoff. Tilley gets eliminated from the final four, Bristowe gets sent home from the final three, and Whitney Bischoff wins the heart of The Bachelor, becoming the future Mrs. Soules. Check out her photo in the below link.

The winner Bischoff is a nurse at a fertility center in the Chicago, making her the second nurse in a row to win if you remember Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Hopefully, things work out better for Bischoff and Soules.

The premiere kicks off with former Bachelorette contestant Cody Sattler personally training Soules to get him into shape for the show and Sattler has his shirt off, so the viewers will definitely appreciate that. The premiere also features a first kiss as well as the first impression rose and they’re both given to one person – contestant Britt Nilsson, a waitress from Hollywood, who’s giving out free hugs on the premiere.

One contestant who definitely gets our attention is Tara Eddings. She shows up, expressing her country side and then proceeds to get extremely drunk. She even stumbles a little at the rose ceremony.

This season, a major drama occurs when one of the girls sneaks into Chris Soules’ tent when they are camping. The two have sex and the other girls all find out about it, which creates serious issues for Soules. Soules then feels immense guilt and has to work hard to gain the trust back of the other women.

Now that you’re all filled in, get ready for a crazy 3-hour premiere on ABC, starting at 8:00 p.m., plus a whole season of love, drama, fights, and fairytales.

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