‘The Good Wife’ Returns: Mid-Season 6 Spoilers

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The Good Wife returns to CBS tonight and we’ve got all the spoilers we could find to get you ready for the rest of the season and the big night. USA Today sums it up saying:

The Good Wife makes its winter return with Alicia headed to a candidates’ debate and Cary headed to jail — plots that, on a lesser drama, might seem to be taking the show down an impossible road. But one of the many joys of watching a series that is running as well as Good Wife is that faith has been earned, allowing you to set aside those all-too-common fears that the writers don’t know what they’re doing. Because odds are, they really do.

The synopsis of the premiere episode, which is titled “Hail Mary” reads:

As Cary gets ready for incarceration by working with a prison consultant, the members of Florrick/Agos/Lockhart do everything they can to help him; Alicia starts debate preparation.

The following episode is titled “The Good Wife” and the plot is this:

As Peter and the city of Chicago prepare for a possible riot, Frank Prady and Alicia face each other in an important debate.

Enstarz writes some interesting info on Cary’s fate from his drug charges, stating:

The promo for the upcoming episode of The Good Wife shows Cary being possibly put away for four years after having accepted a plea bargain, and it is likely that he will have to serve time, even though his colleagues race against time to find a violation in the State’s Attorney’s investigation.

Alicia’s debate gets heated as Enstarz reports:

She does not only attack the current State’s Attorney but also takes a side jab at Peter, suggesting the governance of the state is flawed. Alicia actually talks about how her husband’s work as an SA and Governor influences people’s perception of her, and she wants to remove herself from that, and promises more accountability and responsibility. She concludes her argument by stating that she is not a politician and is a lawyer, by training and by temperament, and how that plays as a strength as she has the ability to put people’s demands before her self interest and also ensure a greater degree of discipline.

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