WATCH: Tycoon Real Estate on ‘Shark Tank’

Tycoon Real Estate entered the Shark Tank on January 30.

Co-founded by Aaron McDaniel and Wen We, the company is based in San Francisco. It allows people with a small budget to invest in flipping houses. Users can pick their property, mostly in the San Francisco area, on the company’s website and click to make a deal. Then, after a rep contacts them in the next day, they have secured a deal with the limited liability corporation that owns the property.

In the clip above, which ABC aired as a sneak peek, we see McDaniel, the CEO, passionately pitching to the sharks. He asked for $50,000 for five percent of the company.

After he stated that his business will “change real estate investing forever” by letting anyone invest for just $1,000 dollars, Mark Cuban said, “I hate it; I’m out.” Kevin O’Leary added, “I smell jail time.”

Here are the rest of the companies featured on the episode:

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