‘Wrestling with Death’ Cast Spoilers: The Lathams Family

Wrestling With Death Cast - The Lathams

Wrestling with Death is a new reality show that follows The Lathams of Osceola, Arkansas. They are morticians by day, who run the Wilson Funeral Home, and professional wrestlers at night. They also run the Mid-Southern Championship Wrestling League (MCW). WGN America writes: Taking matters into his own hands, LaFonce chose to give “death a rest and pump some life” into his community by running the Friday night wrestling show at the MCW. The funeral business and the league are both family affairs, and according to LaFonce, “a family that ‘wrassles’ together, stays together.” As LaFonce and his family understand better than just about anyone, nothing can teach more about the value of life than death; they choose to celebrate life in a unique and inclusive way, making them pillars of their community. The NY Times writes: The show cuts between the two businesses with deliberate incongruity. One minute we’re being given somewhat ghoulish factoids about funeral preparation. (“A lot of times, especially the older people, when they get sick, their foreheads will sink in from losing weight. We have what we call feature-builder.”) The next we’re seeing the patriarch, LaFonce, or the matriarch, Sandra, or another family member body-slam someone in what looks to be a homemade ring in front of a small, barely enthusiastic crowd. Click through our gallery to get all the info on each cast member and see what this show is all about.

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