‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Kelsey Poe & Ashley Iaconetti Get Dumped

Guess who gets dumped on a 2-on-1 date with Chris Soules, star of The Bachelor? Two of the contestants that seem to rub viewers the wrong way – Kelsey Poe and Ashley Iaconetti.

On tonight’s episode, we pick up with Kelsey Poe’s latest act of deception – having a “panic attack”, writhing around on the floor. She jokes with the paramedic that she thought she’d be getting sent home tonight and she also asks to see Chris Soules. In turn, the other contestants believe that, once again, Kelsey Poe is being manipulative, staging the whole incident to get sympathy from Chris. And, one contestant who is especially tired of Kelsey is Ashley Iaconetti, the “virgin” contestant. She’s determined to win over Chris Soules and get rid of Kelsey. And, Kelsey isn’t a big fan of Ashley either. When they went on their camping group date and Ashley took off her bathing suit top, Kelsey was disgusted.

Whatever the case, both girls are sent home in what’s an epic 2-on-1 date. Soules sits down with Kelsey and tells her it’s important for him to end up with a person who others like and has social skills. He then lets her know that Ashley has told him she is fake. Kelsey starts crying and later confronts Ashley. Ashley lets her have it, telling her she she’s not stupid and that she sees right through her. Unfortunately, Ashley makes things too dramatic for Soules and confronts him for telling Kelsey what she said as she sobs. Soules reveals to Ashley that Kelsey said that Ashley lacked maturity, which makes her cry more, almost solidifying what Kelsey had said about her. He then tells her that he feels like he and Ashley are at different places in their lives. Ashley takes that opportunity to throw Britt under the bus and run off crying. She then gets embarrassed and comes back for a long hug. But, the crying isn’t over as Ashley sobs to the cameras about how hurt she is. Soules then re-approaches Kelsey again and tells her that he doesn’t know if there’s a true spark between himself and Kelsey. He tells her that he can’t be who she needs and she takes it surprisingly well, though she cries a bit as Soules walks away.

Though the other contestants were shocked that Ashley was sent home, they rejoice when they find out that Kelsey has been eliminated.