‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2015: Episode 2/16/2015

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It’s Bachelor Monday and we’ve got the hometown dates to look forward to. Check out all the spoilers we could gather for tonight’s tearful episode. Before the hometown dates, we say goodbye to two women, one of whom star Chris Soules has shown an extreme affection for over the past season. On yesterday’s special Bachelor episode, we saw Britt Nilsson start to unravel a bit and contestant Carly Waddell revealed that Britt hasn’t been completely truthful about how she feels about moving to Arlington, Iowa with Soules. Then, when contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe receives the group date rose, Nilsson tells Soules that she’s very upset and confronts him in front of the other two girls. It was a move that she later admits to the camera was selfish. And, she seems to feel embarrassed by her behavior. The other girls have a chat about her behavior and feel that there’s no coming back from that moment and that Britt will likely leave. Britt confirms that she’s packed her bags and plans to leave before the rose ceremony, though some of the girls had their doubts that she’d go through with it.

As for what Chris Soules thought about her behavior that night, he said that it definitely raised some red flags, telling People:

Britt’s reaction to me giving Kaitlyn the rose confused and hurt me, considering the fact she not only received a rose on the last group date, I gave her the rose on a stage with Big & Rich during their concert; something that all of the other girls would have loved to experience. The police sirens going off in the background during that conversation felt like some sort of omen. The whole thing was weird. I couldn’t even understand what was happening, and I felt really bad for the other girls, especially Carly who hadn’t received a rose either. Her behavior then seemed so contrary to everything I’d seen of her until that point. It was like she’d done a complete 180. Was she putting on a show this whole time?

Soules then added:

I left feeling shocked and confused. It was a side to Britt I’d never seen, and in complete contrast to the girl I spoke to on the bridge earlier in the day.

Now that you’re filled in, let’s get to the nitty gritty of tonight’s episode. Both Britt and Carly go home. Britt leaves and Carly gets eliminated shortly after. But, there’s also another elimination after the hometown dates of course and that’s reported to be Jade Roper, who also has revealed that she has posed for Amateur Playboy. For more information on this, check out our below link:

In the beginning of tonight’s episode, Becca Tilley gets alone time with Soules and lets him know that she’s never been in love, but she tells Soules she really likes him and wants to introduce him to her family.

Now let’s dig in to the hometown dates. Reality Steve reports that Becca Tilley’s date went a little something like this:

Rumored to be at the Louisiana State Fair. Dinner held at her sister in laws house, Katie Hester, the wife of former LSU running back Jacob Hester.

That’s right. There’s another pro-footballer on the show this season. Last season we met Josh Murray’s football star brother Aaron Murray on the Bachelorette hometown dates. As for the other girls, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s hometown date was in Arizona, where her mother lives. Jade Roper and Soules visited the Gering Bakery and flower shop during their time in Nebraska. And then there was Whitney Bischoff’s date with Soules, which took place in Chicago and was partly filmed Quartino’s restaurant on State Street. Soules also got a little tour of Bischoff’s job as a fertility nurse where she got to play a little joke on him, making him think his sperm was going to be tested.

As for what’s in store next time, the ladies reportedly head to Bali for their overnight dates.

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