Is ‘Bachelor’ 2015 Contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe the Next ‘Bachelorette’?

Is Bachelor 2015 contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe the next Bachelorette? Well, we can tell you she isn’t the winner of Chris Soules’ heart this season. In the past, the runner-up hasn’t been the Bachelorette, which puts Bristowe right in the lead for the position since she goes home after the fantasy suite dates. Show host Chris Harrison spoke about the possibility of Bristowe getting the part, telling TV Guide:

Kaitlyn would be a blast. I would love to do it with her. She’s just fun. She reminds me a little bit of Michelle Money who I also love and adore. Self-deprecating, amazingly quick-witted sense of humor, she kind of gets it.

Other contestants who are reported to be in the running are Britt Nilsson and Carly Waddell. Chris Harrison talked about Carly Waddell as a possible candidate, saying:

I love Carly. She almost wanted it too bad. The thing I love about Carly, but I see why she ends up as the best friend, is she’s funny and deprecating. Carly got a little mean at Britt towards the end, but I get it, she’s bitter towards the pretty girl and she admitted it. It’s heartbreaking when you hear her, but a lot of women will empathize with it, which makes her relatable. She’s so frickin’ funny.

Carly Waddell is hilarious and viewers sympathized with her as she revealed on the show that her past boyfriends never treated her well. This could be her opportunity to really find love. Plus, her one-liners are priceless. Who can forget the amazing, “Her mouth is not a virgin”? And, we are still laughing about the hand puppet she made of fellow contestant Britt Nilsson. Speaking of Nilsson, many of the female viewers aren’t big fans of hers. However, her emotional moments could make for very good TV on The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison told TV Guide that:

We definitely want to wait until “Women Tell All” and the finale [to make a decision], but Britt would give us a good Bachelorette. She’s beautiful, she’s articulate; it would be very emotional and the guys would be very happy. She’s definitely a candidate for sure.

Who do you think should be the next Bachelorette?