Becca Tilley and Chris Soules: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Becca Tilley has been the dark horse this season, a quiet beauty that has captured the attention on Bachelor Chris Soules. Read on for all the details on Tilley and Soules’ relationship, the rumors surrounding them and behind-the-scenes details.

1. Tilley Worried That Her Virginity Would Hinder Their Relationship

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Tilley spoke to the camera throughout the season about her being a virgin and worrying that it would affect Soules’ view of her in a negative way. She kept Soules in the dark up until the fantasy suite dates, when she finally told him the news. He was a little surprised, but it apparently didn’t phase him too much because Tilley made it to the final two.

2. There Are Rumors that Tilley And Soules Have Been Seeing Each Other Since the Show Ended Filming

Each season there are rumors surrounding The Bachelor and this season is no different. Contestant Whitney Bischoff is reported to be the winner this season, but there are rumors it may be Tilley. Here’s what Celeb Dirty Laundry had to say:

After Chris Soules finished filming The Bachelor he moved to California – where Becca Tilley lives, and sources say that he and Becca have been sneaking around. Rumors are flying around the Internet that Becca Tilley received the final rose because she and Chris Soules have been “sneaking around Cali together.” So, either Becca Tilley is actually the Season 19 winner of The Bachelor, or Chris Soules has been cheating on Whitney Bischoff with Becca Tilley.

3. Tilley’s Sister Kate Told Soules That Her Sister Is Not Affectionate

On Tilley’s hometown date, her sister Kate (pictured above) told Soules that her Tilley is not an affectionate person, which struck Soules as odd. Soules told People:

Hearing from Becca’s sister, Katie, that Becca was not an intimate person definitely worried me. I’m very intimate, and intimacy is a very important part of a relationship for me. I’m also very affectionate and touchy-feely (as you all know by now), so that was definitely cause for some concern. But my feelings for Becca outweighed all of my concerns.

After that episode aired, Tilley explained why her sister said what she did:

My older sister Katie- there is no one more protective/loyal/proud. Just wanted to clarify- id never brought a guy home to meet my family- my last relationship was someone i grew up with so there was never a formal introduction needed. With that, i have never been very big on public displays of affection- especially in front of them. That was what that was about- she doesnt think im cold or closed off. It was just a different side of me. Thats all. And you are entitled to your opinion- just like i am entitled to block whoever says anything negative about ANY of my family members!

On a fun note, the night of Tilley’s hometown date was actually her birthday and Soules revealed:

What you don’t know is that day with Becca’s family was actually her birthday! I had given her a gift (a necklace and bracelets), and that’s why I set up that special Ferris wheel ride. Becca had told me the state fair was in town and how much she loved it, so I arranged to go there after it closed, to take her on a special birthday ride. I’m not going to lie, it was one of the most romantic moments of my life, and in that moment, Becca did not seem scared of intimacy.

How adorable is that?

4. On Their First Date, Tilley Was the Victim of a Runaway Horse

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It wasn’t until episode 6 that Tilley and Soules finally got a solo date together. It went very smoothly except for one scary moment with a horse that viewers didn’t get to see. Soules told People:

What you didn’t get to see was that, during our date, Becca’s horse went rogue and galloped down a hill past mine. Her horse ran into my leg and nearly knocked me off! After getting my horse under control and double-checking my drawers to make sure I hadn’t soiled them (thankfully all was good), I raced up to Becca to help her and make sure she was okay. When I finally caught up, I couldn’t believe how calm she was. That, my friends, is one strong woman.


5. When It Came To Kissing Soules, Tilley Avoided It At First

Soules was swapping spit with a lot of women this season and on episode 3, Soules wanted to plant one on Tilley, but she was not ready for that yet. Soules had no idea that Tilley was a virgin, but he respected her choice not to kiss him just yet. Soules wrote in his blog about the situation, stating:

On the kissing note, I also totally supported Becca’s decision not to kiss me. Even though the setting was extremely romantic, and of course I wanted to kiss her, I respected her decision to take things slowly. And I wanted to solidify that by giving her the group rose. I really wanted her to know that I was willing to earn her affection, and take things at a slower pace with her.