Becca Tilley, ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Becca Tilley is one of the key contestants on The Bachelor this season. Read on for all the facts on Tilley and some big spoilers from the show. So, if you don’t want to hear about the final four, upcoming dates, and the winner this season, stop reading now.

1. She Is In the Final Four

The final four contestants on this season of The Bachelor include Becca Tilley, Whitney Bischoff, Jade Roper and Kaitlyn Bristowe. While many would think that Britt, the girl that Soules has seemed to have an insane attraction for and connection with, would make it to the end, this is not the case. And, the winner is reported to be Whitney Bischoff, the girl Soules crashed a wedding with this season.

2. Becca Tilley Is A Virgin

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Contestant Ashley Iaconetti, who is very flirty and extroverted, came out and told her fellow contestants that she is a virgin, to which one contestant said, “Her mouth is not a virgin.” When she told Soules this, he was very surprised. But, Ashley wasn’t the only virgin on the show. When Becca Tilley didn’t kiss Chris Soules towards the beginning of the season, Soules seemed unsure if there was a connection, but when Tilley explained that she, herself, was a virgin, Soules felt differently. He understood and said he completely had respect for her choice to save herself for marriage.

3. Her First Solo Date Is Halfway Through the Season

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Becca Tilley and Chris Soules’ first one-on-one date together doesn’t happen until about halfway through the season. It’s reportedly filled with horseback riding and shooting guns in Deadwood, South Dakota. Afterwards, Soules and Tilley enjoy a campfire dinner and Tilley gets a rose. The couple’s second solo date takes place in Des Moines, Iowa and Reality Steve reports their being seen together at the Locust Tap, the Continental Hotel, and the Kitchen Collage.

4. Tilley’s Hometown Date Involves An NFL Player In the Family

When Tilley and Soules have their hometown date together in Louisiana, which was reportedly filmed on her birthday October 30, 2014. Reality Steve reports:

Rumored to be at the Louisiana State Fair. Dinner held at her sister in laws house, Katie Hester, the wife of former LSU running back Jacob Hester.

This isn’t the first time that an NFL player has been featured with the Bachelor franchise, if you remember Aaron Murray, brother to Bachelorette winner Josh Murray.

Hester was drafted to the San Diego Chargers in 2008 and signed a four-year contract. On August 31, 2012, the Chargers let him go, but in November, he was signed to the Denver Broncos. About a year later, he was cut from the team.

In addition to sister Katie, Tilley has a brother named Chris Jr. and two other sisters named Caroline and Hannah.

5. Dez Duron From The Voice Is An Ex of Tilley’s

Dez Duron- 'Feeling Good' – The VoiceWOW! Dez got guidance from Christina Aguilera & Ron Fair on this. What a performance and SEXY version of Feeling Good! Just close your eyes and listen as this VOICE brings "sexy" into your mind! Cheers to future sessions Dez!2012-11-25T00:13:47.000Z

According to The Inquistr, Tilley used to date a guy named Dez Duron who was on the show The Voice. The Inquistr reports:

At one point, Tilley dated a guy named Dez Duron, who appeared in an early season of The Voice. Becca was even backstage during Duron’s audition, and she can be seen briefly in the clip from his audition in front of The Voice mentors. Duron ended up on Christina Aguilera’s team and was the last member of her team eliminated, just before the Top 6 for the season which Cassadee Pope won.

Check out a clip of Duron on The Voice in the above video.

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