‘Better Call Saul’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Highlights

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On Monday night, the second part of the two-night premiere to the AMC follow-up of Breaking Bad aired. “Mijo” continues where “Uno” left off, with Jimmy in dire financial trouble trouble.

To read the synopsis of the first episode, click here. Otherwise read on and know that it contains major spoilers.

1. The Skateboard Brothers Scammed the Wrong Car

better call saul, amc


The episode begins with the two skateboarder brothers, Lars and Cal, trying to hustle a grandmother with another staged car accident. She brings them to her grandson’s house for help. The grandmother’s grandson ends up being Tuco (from Breaking Bad) and he sees through the brothers’ ruse. He confronts the brothers for insulting his grandmother (they call her “biznitch”) and then knocks them out with her cane and disposes of them in his garage. Tuco then calls his friends for help with the disposal of brothers.

Jimmy knocks on the door. Tuco answers with a gun and brings him inside.

After cooling things off, Jimmy promises Tuco he will collect the brothers and Tuco will never see them again. When Tuco obliges, one of the brothers throws Jimmy under the bus by telling him that Jimmy orchestrated the staged car accident because he thought he could clear $2k.

Tuco then turns on Jimmy.

2. Jimmy Introduces Tuco to the Code of Hammurabi

better call saul, amc


The brothers and Jimmy wind up hogtied and duct-taped somewhere in the New Mexican desert.

Tuco is now with his back-up. He asks Jimmy, “Who are you and why are you after me?”

Jimmy informs him that it was all a misunderstanding and that the intended victims of the scam were Betsy and Craig Kettleman, the treasurer of the county who stole the millions of dollars and who Jimmy wants as a client.

Tuco does not look pleased and his fellow gangster friend, Nacho Varga, approaches Jimmy carrying a toolbox. Tuco chooses a wire cutter and is about to cut off Jimmy’s finger. He accuses Jimmy of being with the feds, the DEA, etc. Tuco doesn’t believe him about the Kettlemans so Jimmy admits to being FBI. Then Nacho approaches Jimmy and asks him what they’re being investigated for. Jimmy comes clean and says he really is just a lawyer.

Nacho decides to let them all go.

Tuco will only let Jimmy go and wants to kill the brothers for insulting his grandmother (“biznitch”). But Jimmy tries to teach him about the Code of Hammurabi and how the punishment should fit the crime. Tuco has trouble grasping the principle but then understands it… somewhat. He decides to break the brothers’ legs, one leg each, so they can’t skateboard.

Jimmy and Tuco shake on it.

3. Jimmy Gets Drunk

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Jimmy drives the brothers to the hospital with the broken legs. They accuse Jimmy of being the worst lawyer ever but he reminds them that he talked Tuco down from a death sentence to “six months probation.”

Later on Jimmy is at a bar with a large-breasted woman. Jimmy has trouble focusing on her because a man behind her keeps breaking breadsticks and it keeps reminding him of the brothers’ broken legs. He rushes off to puke in the bathroom.

Later Jimmy visits his brother Chuck. Jimmy is very drunk and passes out without “grounding” himself. (Chuck’s brother is potentially terminally ill and believes he will only get better if he isn’t around electromagnetic fields like cell phones. Cellphones have to left outside.) Chuck throws Jimmy’s cell phone outside using a pair of tongs.

Chuck then sees a bill Jimmy must pay for the brothers’ trip to the hospital.

4. Jimmy Needs Money More Than Ever

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The next morning Chuck confronts a hungover Jimmy for bringing his cell phone inside.

Jimmy asks Chuck if he read the emergency room bill. Chuck says he did, because Chuck knows that Jimmy has a history of frivolous lawsuits. Jimmy promises it isn’t that, that he’s working on something bigger.

Jimmy then goes to the county courthouse looking for some work. He gets a slew of jobs defending derelicts and crazies. He runs into Mike Ehrmantraut at the parking lot gate again, who gives him a hard time about his validated parking.

A montage of Jimmy representing clients ensues. He starts to work up his credibility in the county system.

5. Nacho Visits Jimmy

better call saul, amc


Later Jimmy returns to his office in the salon and checks his messages to see if the Kettlemans have called yet.

They haven’t.

He pulls a foldout bed out of the couch in his office when someone knocks on his door. A customer. He hurriedly puts his bed away. Nacho comes in. He asks how much the Kettlemans scammed from the city and if it’s in cash. Jimmy tells him yes, it’s in cash, and it’s about $1.5 million.

Nacho decides he’s going to rip them off. He likes “ripping off thieves because they can’t go to the cops.” He offers Jimmy 10% of the $1.5 million, $100,000.

Jimmy declines but Nacho leaves his number.