‘The Big Bang Theory’ T-Shirts: Top 5 to Buy on Amazon

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The Big Bang Theory is known for the creative t-shirts that Leonard and Sheldon wear on every episode. We even included videos from the show to illustrate where the shirt got its inspiration.
Here are some cleverly funny ones that you may want to buy for yourself or the Big Bang fan in your life.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

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Sheldon Cooper has his own take on Rock Paper Scissors, and it includes the Star Trek character. Watch him explain to Raj, in the clip below, how exactly the game is played.

Buy it on Amazon for $17.95.

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The Wesley Crushers

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Wil Wheaton is a guest star on the show, playing Sheldon’s nemesis-turned-friend. In the clip below, they were playing on rival bowling teams, and Sheldon used the character Wheaton played on Star Trek for his team’s t-shirt’s logo.

Buy it Amazon for $17.50.

The Big Bang Theory – Season 3 Episode 19 (The Weathon Recurrence)The Wesley Crushers.2010-04-13T19:41:15.000Z

You’re in My Spot

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Sheldon has his place on the couch at his and Leonard’s apartment. Whenever one of their friends sit in his spot, Sheldon is the first to reprimand. Watch the scene below, from the pilot episode, where Sheldon explains to a confused Penny, rather longwindedly, why he favors it.

Now you can tell everyone to back off with this cute tee.

Buy it on Amazon for $15.98.

The Big Bang Theory – Episode 1 (Pilot). Sheldon's sitting spot.Sheldon clarifies why he can't sit in any place different than his usual sofa spot.2008-10-07T23:12:06.000Z

I Atom Coitus

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Sheldon refers to sexual intercourse as “coitus” on the show. In this season, he shocked Leonard by telling him, “…as soon as we get home, I want to have coitus with Amy.” Watch the scene below.

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This t-shirt plays on the technical term for sex and Sheldon’s love of science.

Buy it on Amazon for $16.55.


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Sheldon single-handedly made his catchphrase “Bazinga” famous. The word, first introduced in Season 2, is his sarcastic punchline when he pulls a pranks on his friends. He even earned a definition in the Urban Dictionary, shown below. So what better way to pay respect to Dr. Cooper’s unique sense of deadpan humor than with his t-shirt?

Buy it on Amazon for $25.29.

Get the matching pajama pants for $24.88 here.

Watch the AOL interview with Jim Parsons, below, where he explains the origins of the word.

Jim Parsons Reveals the Origins of "Bazinga!"Bazinga! It's the catchphrase that fans of "The Big Bang Theory" can't get enough of! Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the show, just sat down with AOL.com and revealed where the famed "B" word started. » Subscribe to AOL: bit.ly/VdU5Hg He also talked about his new role in the dramatic new film about the…2014-05-18T19:00:03.000Z
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