Courtland Gray & Hartley of Peavey Electronics, ‘Undercover Boss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Courtland Gray is the boss featured on tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss for Peavey Electronics. The company’s bio description reads:

Driven by an unmatched legacy of innovation and a total dedication to quality and reliability, Peavey Electronics embodies the pursuit of perfection in music and audio. It’s our unifying spirit. It’s proven. And it continues today.

The official synopsis of the episode state:

Courtland Gray, COO of Peavey Electronics, goes undercover to see what keeps his audio empire rocking. Also, the company makes a shocking announcement after filming the episode that changes two employees’ lives.

The headquarters of Peavey Electronics is located in Meridian, Mississippi and it is one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world. According to CBS, Gray is the stepson of the original founder and CEO, Hartley Peavey. Gray is currently in the process of taking over the company as he appears on the reality show. Read on for the facts on the company and Gray’s appearance on the show.

1. Peavey Is Part Of Music History

Peavey Electronics has been used by many of the great artist of our century. Gray came on board and said that working with his parents can be challenging at times. He says that Hartley is a great guy, but they argue a lot. Check out the above video for all the info on Hartley and Courtland Gray.

2. Two of the Employees on the Show Get Laid Off After the Show Filmed

CBS writes:

He is going undercover to learn more about the tasks that his front line employees face every day.

Check out a clip from Gray’s appearance on the show as he helps set up for a music show.

Now let’s talk about the lay-offs. Just a couple months after the show taped, two of the employees were laid off. The really upsetting part was that one of them had a job lined up, which Courtland Gray knew about. The job paid more and would have been a great career move. In addition, Peavey Electronics is still “in the process” of giving the employees their promised rewards of thousands of dollars.

3. Hartley Peavey Is the Founder Of the Company

Hartley Peavey is the original founder of the company and his professional bio reads:

For nearly five decades, Peavey has blazed its own path toward musical perfection. Founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 as a one-man shop, today Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the world—distributing more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries … Hartley has famously said, “In order to be better, by definition you must be different.” What makes Peavey different is a commitment to approaching business with a unique vision, from product design to distribution to being the largest independently owned manufacturer in the business. His quest has led to more than 180 patents and innovations in the way we hear and play music.

Check out a video of Hartley in the above clip.

4. Gray Is Being Spied On by Founder Hartley Peavey

Hartley Peavey, the founder of the company, has a great time on the show as he gets to spy on Gray throughout his experience. Check out some funny footage of it above.

5. It Seems That One of the Employees Suspects Gray In Disguise

At one point, Gray tells an employee he thinks he needs a bigger hammer, which the employee remembers “Courtland Gray” saying to him a few years ago. And, when Gray avoids eye contact, the employee grows even more suspicious.





A company revealed for what it truly is. A clown car rattling down the road and off the cliff. With innocent people inside.


I knew the show was going to go wrong when Courtland portrayed all of that land to be his. He has about an acre fenced in so know one can see what he is doing from the road. The house and land is company property, very old. He never rides the horses and his queen bee died in his prized bee hives, so he runs his plants the same way as his hives, into the ground. He has a very shady past that few people know about and that Harvard business diploma is not a “real business school” diploma. Hartley has lost touch with reality if he thinks Cort has a clue what he is doing.


He was a used car salesman in Telluride and the cops in Meridian know him well, as Hartley has had to come to his aid more than once for “vehicular’ related incidents usually associated with movie stars and football players.


Right, the Harvard certificate was for a $35,000 6 or 8 week fast track biz program that anyone with the $$$ can get into. HP paid for it as well.

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