Hannah Guidry, ‘Party Down South’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hannah Guidry, aka Hott Dogg, is the new sexy cast member on Party Down South season 3 and she’s bringing the twerking and the sex appeal to the show. Which cast member will get in her pants this season? Read on for all the facts on Guidry.

1. She’s Replacing Taylor Wright, AKA Lil Bit

Lil Bit has not returned to the show so there will be no more Lil Bit and Daddy love drama this season. However, we have seen clips that lead us to believe Daddy and Tiffany might hook up this season. Anyway, Guidry is replacing Lil Bit who is an expectant mother with a baby boy on the way. Lil Bit is happily unmarried to boyfriend Dalton, who is her baby daddy. She did not return to the show because, at the time the were going to begin production again, she thought she might be pregnant. And so, she didn’t feel it was right to stay on Party Down South.

Lil Bit currently has a tanning salon under construction and “coming soon.”

2. She And Cast-Mate Mattie Breaux Are BFFs

When the cast learns that Lil Bit is not returning to the show, Maddie suggest her girl Hannah to come down and join the party. And, Hannah is a wild one. Guidry is newly single and definitely looking to mingle. Her dream guy is a man who’s tall, good-looking and has a gym membership. Healthy eating has been the subject of a great deal of her Instagram posts lately.

3. A Love Triangle Involving Guidry Causes Drama This Season

Ryan “Daddy” Richards and Walt Windham both think Guidry is seriously hot and she definitely has sex with one of them. She also gets into a brawl with cast-mate Tiffany Heinen and it appears as though she’s in the middle of a love triangle.

Guidry’s celebrity crush is Mark Wahlberg.

4. Guidry Is A Hair Stylist

Guidry is a hair stylist and loves what she does. Check out a photo of one of her clients above.

5. She Loves To Get Down And Dirty

Guidry’s CMT cast bio reads:

This 27 year old, from New Orleans, was born on the Louisiana Bayou to a Cajun family. Her favorite foods include: turtle, crawfish, squirrel and deer. When she’s not muddin’, ATV’in, huntin’ and fishin’, she’s getting black-out drunk on the weekends.

She’s also a big fan of beer bongs.

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