Himalayan Dog Chew Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Himalayan Dog Chew, dog treats made of yak and cow milk, entered the Shark Tank on February 6. Heavy interviewed one of the founders, Suman Shrestha about the 100-percent natural food.

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1. Dogs Love the Hard Cheese Chews

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In 2003, Suman spotted his friend, Nishes’ dog chewing on Himalayan hard cheese, and the rest is history. The hard chew they’ve created let dogs work on it for hours, softening it into small parts.

Through their four years of research, they perfected how to make cheese at the perfect hardness for it to last a long time. Their goals were also to eliminate lactose and make it a low-calorie K9 food.

2. The Company Consists of Brothers & a Best Friend

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Brothers Sujan and Suman Shrestha started the company with their friend Nishes Shrestha. (Yes, they share a last name, because Shrestha is very common in their native Nepal.)

When asked about the pros and cons to working with them, he counts “talking to them about work anytime anywhere,” as one of the positives. “We are together a lot and hence, ideas generation do not happen only at work. They understand my emotions and being youngest I guess they are really patience with me,” he added.

As far as the negative aspects, he said that sometimes the trio forgets their “positions at work and hence end up stepping on other person’s toes.”

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3. They’re Made of Milk, Salt & Lime Juice

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As for the cheese making process, the milk is boiled and then salt and lime juice are added. The milk then coagulates into cheese.

Then, the cheese is wrapped in burlap and pressed for about two to three days depending on the room humidity and temperature. After it dries, it’s cut and smoked and dried for three to four months.

4. The Founders Are From Nepal

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Speaking of their ethnic foods, Suman said, “We suckle on the hard cheese called “Durkhuwa” like candy. As it is readily available in Nepal, the traditional recipe is very common. The tricky part was to make it suitable for the dogs.”

The cheese is made by farmers in Nepal, and then shipped to Mukilteo, Washington where the manufacturing is completed. “Once it arrives in US, it is treated with lime juice and rinsed and dried again. Every single chew goes through Ultra-violet disinfection treatment before packaging,” he explained.

5. They Hired 3,000 Farmers in the Himalayas

Their website explains:

We have created a consortium of roughly 3,000 farmers in the Himalayas, mostly in Nepal.
These farmers are trained, given five to six months’ lead time, and are paid promptly to produce
Himalayan Dog Chews. Each farmer milks about two to five cows and yaks every day using traditional
methods, without any modern devices. The cattle graze in natural pastures, where present, and are
fed all natural leaves from the forest. Farmers collects roughly six gallons of milk to make two pounds
of Himalayan Dog Chews. On average, each farmer collects about 20 gallons of milk.

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