Jade Roper, ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jade Roper is one of the contestants on this season of The Bachelor, competing for the love of star Chris Soules. Read on for the best information on Roper, her Playboy past, her other reality TV appearances and more.

1. She Posed For Amateur Playboy When She Moved to Los Angeles From Nebraska


When Roper moved to Los Angeles, she posed for some photos and video footage for Playboy Amateurs. There’s also a profile of her on ISeekGirls.com, which reads:

Jade Elizabeth(Jade Roper) is a beautiful babe from Omaha, Nebraska getting all nude for Playboy. Jade Elizabeth started out in the wine tasting industry and has now moved over to full time modeling. Jade is extremely beautiful face to looks like Jennifer Connelly when she was in the movie Requiem for a Dream. Jade natural beauty is fucking sexy and she has mainstream appeal that will cross over nicely. The video shows Jade Elizabeth peeling off her tights and getting all nude. You see her tits, ass and meaty pussy popping out. Jade is a cutie and hopefully does a lot more photo shoots for Playboy.

Roper’s stage name seems to be Jade Elizabeth. This week, she reveals her Playboy past to Chris Soules on The Bachelor.

2. Roper Appeared on Vanderpump Rules

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It's a beautiful morning. Happy Friday!

A post shared by Jade Roper Tolbert (@jadelizroper) on Feb 6, 2015 at 8:35am PST

This season on Vanderpump Rules, which also airs on Mondays, Roper was seen in the background of footage during a scene with cast member Kristen Doute. Roper was on two shows that night, since The Bachelor also airs on Mondays. Roper appears to be friends with Carmen Dickman who appears on Vanderpump Rules.

3. Naturally Jade Cosmetics Is Her Own Makeup Line


Roper has founded her own makeup company called Naturally Jade Cosmetics and reveals why she decided to create the line, stating:

I started Naturally Jade by envisioning my passions together and bringing them to life in a make up brand. Both our company’s foundation and our mission have been built upon these passions: embodying healthy and natural living, challenging the status quo, and making the world a more beautiful place … I have put so much love and dedication into creating a brand of cosmetics 100% made with natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients are of the highest quality, yielding remarkable results; and, best of all, they are safe, gentle, and beneficial to the skin. No harsh chemicals and preservatives, ever. I believe in making products that do not harm the earth nor its animals. Naturally Jade products are eco-friendly by providing recyclable packaging.

One thing that Roper says is important to her is giving back, which her cosmetics line does. Its company profile explains:

The biggest purpose and backbone behind this brand is making a difference in the world. I wanted to create make up products that were not only natural and organic, but gentle enough to soothe and heal traumatized skin. I had the vision of developing formulas for women with skin sensitivities, especially for women with cancer and/or undergoing chemotherapy. And I wanted to give back to them. So, we, at Naturally Jade, have committed to giving $1 back for every product we sell. We have teamed up with foundations financially assisting women diagnosed with cancer to make a direct impact in their lives.

Click here to check out Naturally Jade Cosmetics.

4. She Gets Eliminated After the Hometown Dates

Chris Soules Eliminating Jade Roper at Final 4 Rose Ceremony (Julien Hotel, Dubuque, IA)Chris walking Jade out to the limo after eliminating her at the final 4 rose ceremony in Dubuque, IA2014-11-24T17:56:13.000Z

Outside the Julien Hotel in Iowa, Chris Soules was spotted giving Roper one last long goodbye hug, showing that she gets eliminated after the Hometown dates this season. Have a look at the footage above.

5. Her First Solo Date With Chris Soules Was the Coveted Cinderella Date

For Jade Roper’s first solo date with Soules, she got a “fairy godmother” who tailored a beautiful dress for her and gifted her amazing diamond jewelry. Her date was a “Cinderella” themed night and the other contestants drooled over how Roper was waited on like a true princess. The date was filled with dancing and clips from the new animated remake of Cinderella.