Jordan Branch Returns To Be Rejected By ‘The Bachelor’

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Contestant Jordan Branch returns to The Bachelor tonight to ask for a second chance at love with star Chris Soules. On tonight’s group date in New Mexico, Branch shows up and the other contestants are less than thrilled. Branch reportedly drives from her home in Colorado to try to convince Soules to take her back. In the beginning of the season, contestant Kimberly did the same thing and Soules showed sympathy, taking her back. However, this is not the case with Branch and she is rejected. First Soules is considering have her stay, but because of all the other contestants’ reactions, he sends her home.

While Branch was on the show this season, we often saw her drunk or hungover, which was quite amusing. And, no one can forget her sloppily screaming at the camera, “I want to make out!” For her limo arrival, she brought some whiskey and did a shot with Soules. Perhaps Soules wants to end up with a girl who’s a little more calm and less into partying.

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