Miracle Hunt, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miracle Hunt appears on the premiere episode of season 4 for MTV’s show Catfish because she’s in search of the truth. She falls in love with a guy who says he’s a music producer, which immediately raises red flags for show host Nev Schulman. Read on for the facts on Miracle Hunt and her online love named “Javonni”, who is actually a guy named Rickie Witherspoon … or is it Kara?

1. Miracle’s Mother Was a Crack Addict

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Miracle has overcome a lot in her life. For example, her mother was a drug addict as Bustle.com reports:

She grew up with a mother addicted to drugs, and got her name because her odds for survival were so low. She describes to Nev that growing up with a crack addict mother actually inspired her to give her own daughter a better life, and that includes only letting a worthy guy into their lives.

Miracle’s name came from the fact that her mother didn’t even know she was pregnant. She thought she had a tumor, not a baby growing inside her. And, Miracle doesn’t know who her father is because her mother was prostituting herself.

2. Charlamagne Tha God Helps Show Host Nev Schulman Find the Truth

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God appears on Miracle’s episode as co-host Max Joseph is busy directing a movie and it turns out that Charlamagne actually knows Miracle. He ran into her at a club and she was wearing a shirt with his face on it.

3. Javonni Is Rickie, Who Is Kara

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The man who Miracle believes to be her online love is named “Javonni Santos” and his Instagram account is private. The two met on Instagram and Miracle stated that they were texting on a daily basis, though they only actually talked on the phone three times. She also said she tried to Skype with him, but he said he couldn’t remember his log in information. She was tired of all his excuses and turned to Catfish for help.

When Nev Schulman and guest star Charlamagne look up Javonni’s phone number, they come across a heavier guy named Rickie Witherspoon and he turns out to be the “catfish.” But, he didn’t work alone. He was doing it all for his wife Kara, who was the actual “catfish.”

4. Miracle Has A Daughter

Miracle has a young daughter named Rickhai and her room is decked out, which you can see in the video clip at the top of the page. She has tons of clothes and shoes. Miracle basically lives for her daughter and wants to give her the childhood she didn’t have. One of the things that Miracle liked about “Javonni” is that he always asked about her daughter.

5. The Catfish Star Has Created A Fan Page For Herself

Miracle Hunt is loving the attention she’s getting from the show (as would anyone), so she’s created her own Facebook fan page, which you can access by clicking here. In her About section, she’s written:


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