Sanderson Poe, Kelsey’s Husband – ‘The Bachelor’: The Photos You Need to See

Sanderson Poe

Sanderson Poe is the late husband of Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe. The show has seen two widows this season, but has shed the most light on Kelsey and her journey. Her husband Sanderson was walking to work on a nice day in May 2013 when he died suddenly of congestive heart failure. It is a tragedy that Kelsey has had to live through and still deals with today. On the show, fellow contestants have been skeptical of her motivation to share her story, but it's clear by looking at the photos of Sanderson and his wife Kelsey, that they shared a special bond. For more information on Sanderson Poe, click here.

Now click through our gallery of the couple's best Facebook photos together.