Sanderson Poe, Kelsey’s Husband – ‘The Bachelor’: The Photos You Need to See


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Bets are her husband dying walking to work after leaving home from her was not a coincidence. He was twice her age and I bet she knocked him off for is money.

Brian P

Girls are attracted to men not money. Grow up. This is 2014. Women work.


That’s a horrible thing to say about anyone! God help your husband/s. I bet your parents are so proud of you and this comment


At every social outing with the girls Kelsey only complained and frowned ! But only when she seemed to sneak a moment with the bachelor did she seem to have a few smiles.


She really was a big fake. When she had that panic attack that was fake as hell. You don’t get up laughing how stupid.


She is far from fake, and what’s wrong with getting up and laughing? I would probably do the same. I hope to see Kelsey on the bachelor pad this season. Kelsey is more real then any of the contestants ever on that show.

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