Sanderson Poe, Kelsey’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Widow Kelsey Poe has been said to be one of the most deceptive contestants in Bachelor history. Poe appears on the show and seems to have lot of strategy in the way she operates, even using her tragic past to aid in her furthering herself in the competition for Chris Soules’ heart. Let’s take a look at all the information on Poe’s late husband Sanderson Poe, what he brought to her life, and how he’s been a prominent presence on The Bachelor this season.

1. Sanderson Poe Died On His Way To Work

In May 2013, Kelsey Poe became a widow when her husband Sanderson passed away suddenly at the age of 42. Kelsey said is was a beautiful day out and he decided to walk to work. Unexpectedly, he collapsed and his heart just stopped. She said the experience taught her not to waste a moment in life.

Sanderson was a musician who had traveled all over the world performing. One of his obituary’s reads:

Sanderson Patrick Poe Sanderson Patrick Poe, age 42, had great passion for the loves of his life. His wife, Kelsey Lyn Poe, and his music. Together Sanderson and Kelsey set their course as one and as one they were. Sanderson Completed studies in Jazz Music in New York City, and the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium. His music is still being performed in Europe today. Services will be on May 24 at Resurrection Cemetery in Oklahoma city.

2. The Story Of Kelsey’s Husband’s Death Is “Amazing”

Sanderson Poe, Kelsey Poe Husband Sanderson, Kelsey The Bachelor, Kelsey Poe The Bachelor

In a previous episode, Kelsey sat down with Bachelor star Chris Soules to reveal to him that she’s a widow, opening up to him about her husband’s death and how it happened. She went on to describe what a wonderful man Sanderson was and how well he treated her, getting quite emotional. But, it all ended up with a little makeout session that host Chris Harrison blogged as being very awkward, mainly on Chris Soules’ end. What made things even worse was when Kelsey spoke with the cameras, which made it seem like she was going on and on about how “amazing” her story is and how she loves her story. She was saying that even though Chris Soules has a story, this is her story too and isn’t it just so amazing?!!! The way the footage was shown was a bit disturbing and made viewers side with the other contestants, believing that Kelsey is manipulative and full of deception.

Kelsey’s response to the way the show portrayed her was this:

Sander’s death was absolutely devastating, but finding a way to live through it and my strength to survive is amazing. Insinuating that I would dishonor my husband is ripping the scab off an unhealed wound. The pain is tortuous. We all have our pains and tragedies. Please don’t make them worse.

3. The Death Of Sanderson Created A Fire To Inspire In Kelsey

Kelsey Poe is a guidance counselor, which undoubtedly helped her deal with her husband’s death. She has said that his dying put something in her to help inspire others. Kelsey wrote on her Facebook page:

Widows inherit the role of being the beacon who attests to their deceased spouse’s happiness. That’s why I sometimes find myself idealizing my marriage to him, describing our relationship as perfect, when in reality it was just as healthily flawed as any other marriage.

Kelsey’s sister has echoed this in a message that Kelsey posted online, stating:

She has used her experience to help others who have lost a loved one and serves as a role model to empower them to stay strong.

4. Kelsey’s Sister Feels The Bachelor Has Disrespected Both Her Sister And Sanderson Poe

When the footage of Kelsey saying the story of Sanderson’s death was “amazing” aired, Kelsey’s sister spoke out via Facebook and Kelsey posted it on her personal page. It reads:

Kelsey’s story is in fact amazing! I am truly disappointed in the footage that ABC decided to air and the way it showed no sensitivity to Kelsey and Sanderson. I have been there for my sister since the day Sanderson passed, and it has not been easy. It is never easy for someone to move on after a tragic loss happens. The footage you saw where Kelsey said, “Isn’t my story amazing?” was in regards to her story of how she overcame such horrific grief. In no way was Sanderson’s death amazing. It is amazing that Kelsey found the strength to seize each day, travel the world by herself, meet new people and take on new hobbies. She chose to take on each day rather than stay in bed crying; that takes a strong person to do that.

Kelsey’s sister ended her thoughts with this quote: You honor a man’s memory by respecting his wife. Kelsey had her own words to say, recently posting this on Facebook: The rose is just a rouse ‪#‎thebachelor‬.

5. According to Kelsey, She And Her Husband Were Planning For a Family When He Passed Away

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A post shared by Kelsey Poe (@kelseylynpoe) on Jan 12, 2015 at 8:16am PST

Kelsey Poe has stated that she and Sanderson were getting ready to settle down, buy a house, and have a family when he suddenly died of heart failure. Kelsey decided that rather than wasting away in her grief, she would give back by inspiring others and push forward. She said she believes in soul-mates and that you can have more than one soul-mate in a lifetime.

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