Scandal’ Spoilers: Episode Recap – 2/12/15

Tonight on Scandal … Abby tries to find out where Olivia is, but she’s denied information from Huck who tells her she’s “not a gladiator anymore.” Huck says they cannot trust the White House. Meanwhile, Fitz is worried about Olivia’s whereabouts and Mellie is being very supportive. Cyrus gives the President papers to terminate his entire secret service staff. Fitz decides to participate in the auction of Olivia Pope and Jake is on board.

Ian is facing issues from one of his subordinates (Gus) who doesn’t agree with his auctioning off of Olivia. Ian tells Andrew that he is no longer in charge of Olivia. Andrew says he has to get her back unharmed and that’s the deal. Ian says the deal is off and he’s selling her to the highest bidder. The auction is being held on the “dark net.” Because the president can’t be seen bidding on this, they need to work with murderers on this. Huck reveals he has over $2 billion dollars via his algorithm.

Just as the auction goes live, Gus shoots Ian in the head and takes over. In the meantime, Gus is cleaning the blood off Olivia’s face since it spray across her face when he killed Ian. Gus starts to come on to Olivia and she warns him to back off.

Cyrus gives Andrew a template for his resignation, citing health reasons as the reason for his resignation. He’s reluctant to sign it and ultimately refuses, saying he’ll tell America that Fitz went to war for Olivia. Huck struggles to find the website of the auction as it ensues. They need an all-star International terrorist to give them an invitation to the auction, so they visit Mama Pope. They negotiate a TV for her in prison so that they can get a computer name in order to participate in the bidding.

Fitz tells Cyrus that if they can approve the assassination attempt on Andrew, the Vice President, was fake, then he can’t do a thing to drag them down. Cyrus tells Elizabeth that she will testify against Andrew or she’ll go to prison. Mama Pope puts Huck and Jake in the position of having to participate in a drug deal where Huck has to kill several people in order to get an invitation to the auction. When Jake goes to check on Huck, he finds a massacre. Huck seems to be going crazy, saying that the drug dealer “Gustavo” will want proof, needing their heads as bounty. Jake takes over for him.

Andrew tells Mellie that if he’s exposed, he’ll tell the world about his affair with her.

The two computer guys working with Gus on the auction are unsure about what’s going on and Olivia tries to talk them out of working with Gus. She tells them that Gus only needs them until the auction is over. She tells them she will protect them and will make sure they’re compensated if they throw the auction. They are not on board with Olivia.

A worried Abby approaches the President about Olivia and he tells her the truth. Abby is furious that David didn’t tell her about it first. Mellie tells Fitz that they have to let Andrew walk or he’ll reveal her affair with him. Fitz doesn’t want to just let him go and he tells Mellie all his wants is Olivia home and safe. Mellie says that all she wants is to be the President of the United States. Upon hearing this, Fitz agrees to let Andrew walk so that her reputation is not ruined.

Jake tells Quinn he’s concerned about Huck and Quinn assures him that Huck always pulls himself back from his crazed moments. As Huck is bidding on the auction, everything disappears, meaning the auction is suspended. Gus wakes Olivia up and tells her that she’s been sold, that he’s been offered cash directly, so he ended the auction early. He says Iran has bought her. He accepted their offer as payback for Olivia smashing his head and killing his best friend.

The President is told that Iran has bought Olivia and transport of her is imminent. Fitz is told that Olivia is a liability because of the knowledge she has about the inner workings of the White House and that the situation should be neutralized. Fitz refuses and Cyrus backs him. Huck freaks out and, in turn, Quinn flips out and begins to beat him. Huck says that with this sale, Olivia Pope is dead.

Fitz tells Cyrus that Olivia must come back because of the men who have died because of the President’s orders. He says that those soldiers cannot die in vain. The episode ends with Olivia about to be transferred to her new owners.