EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Scheana Marie Jancan Shay – ‘Vanderpump Rules’


On tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, we watch the beautiful wedding of Scheana Marie Jancan and Michael Shay. Throughout this season we’ve watched the happy couple celebrate Jancan’s birthday, have a joint bachelor-bachelorette Miami weekend, and plan a very pricey shindig. We got a chance to have a chat with Jancan about her relationship, the wedding and all the drama on the show this season. Check it out below.

Tell me about what went into planning your wedding. Who designed your dress?
A lot went into the planning process and you’ll see that all unveil this season on the show. My aunt Dimitrianne Wood and I designed the dress and she brought our creation to life. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted her to make my wedding dress and it was perfect!

I’d love to hear about the wedding. Was there anything that was truly special at the wedding (aside from marrying the love of your life of course)?
Our personal vows, first dance and the father-daughter dance were the best parts!!! The venue was insane. It was like a fairy tale dream!

I hear that Ariana was a bridesmaid. Tell me about the close friendship you have with her.
She’s been one of my best friends since I met her and I couldn’t imagine her not standing up there with me that day. She has always been so loyal, supportive, amazing and probably my only friend I’ve never had a fight with.


How are things going with your singing? We’ve seen you having fun with it on Vanderpump Rules a lot. Is this something you’d like to pursue further as a career?
Definitely not as a career. I made one song just for fun never thinking it would go anywhere and now I have three. I think this is where I stop!

What is your ultimate career goal?
To be an in-studio Entertainment News host.

You’ve kind of become the new “Queen Bee” on the show. How has that been?
I don’t think anyone is “queen bee” so to say. It’s an ensemble cast and without any one of us it wouldn’t be the same. I’m just happy that the viewers will get to see more of my life and wedding planning this season.

When did you know that Mike Shay was the man for you?
When I didn’t get bored or sick of him honestly. He was the one guy who was able to keep my attention and keep me wanting more.


Is it ever difficult being friends with both Ariana and Kristen, considering their relationship?
Of course. It’s always difficult being in the middle. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of that this season.

What is your favorite meal and drink from SUR? Have you been to PUMP?
I always have to get the dumplings at SUR. They are amazing! I go to PUMP all the time. My favorite drink is the pump and glory with gin.

Do a lot of tourists come into the restaurant hoping to see the cast in action?
All the time.

Tell me what’s next for Scheana.
My signature makeup line with Starlooks cosmetics launched at the end of November and will be available for worldwide shipping as well as in Ashley Fox stores in Southern California.