‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Mid-Season Premiere: Highlights & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Premier

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead’s Season 5 run!

1. A Montage of the Survivors Past, Present and Future Started the Show

Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Premier

The show opened with a view of huge mounds of dirt. A shovel could be seen digging in the ground. All of a sudden, a shot of a house portrait and a country road came into frame. A funeral could be seen bing held for Beth. Past photos of Noah and his brother, the former prison and more flashed across the screen. Maggie and Noah could be seen crying in one of those shots. Father Gabriel spoke over the burying and funeral proceedings for Beth.

Rick and Noah were seen having a conversation, which was followed by the two of them and the rest of the group talking about finding a new place to take refuge in. More random shots popped up – the railroad leading to Terminus, the two young girls who died last season, the Governor’s former sanctuary etc. The final shot shown displayed a portrait of a home being doused with drops of blood.

2. The Survivors Discovered Noah’s Former Home Estate

We returned from break to see Rick and members of his group driving to a certain location. Tyreese and Noah sat in in the front seat talking, while Rick, Michonne and Glenn sat in the back. Michonne could be seen staring outside the window, taking note of a barn (it’s easy to see that she’s thinking of a new destination to call home). Everyone soon arrived in a wooded area. Rick and his crew began venturing through the forest. They arrived through a set of barbed wire and made their way past them (Noah clipped himself on the way in, though). Each of the survivors then walked out onto the road, which was packed with garbage and bloody leftovers.

They arrived at a locked gate in front of some private estate. Glenn and Noah peered over the gate and soon they all hopped over the fence to get inside. Noah seemed distraught since it was his former home, which was now abandoned and packed with the undead remains of the people that once lived there. Noah broke down and wept as the rest of the group took in their new surroundings. While Rick consoled Noah and gave everyone plans to sweep the area, Michonne went to work cutting down the leftover zombies. Rick called into the other members of the group to tell them they found the place they set out to find. Rick spoke to Michonne and eventually Glenn. Rick spoke about Beth’s mission to help Noah find his former home and how things went down at the hospital.

Noah could still be seen weeping on the ground while Tyreese kept watch. Tyreese spoke to Noah and gave him some words of encouragement, which were centered around his bravery and his choice to live to fight another day. Noah lifted himself off the ground, but he soon ran off into the distance to a far off house. The scene returned to Rick and Glenn speaking, which focused on Glenn’s reflections on their journey. Michonne spoke up and told them that they need to stop moving and stay someplace safe. Tyreese eventually caught up to Noah. Noah stopped in front of his former house. Tyreese took out his knife as they both went in.

After checking for any unwanted walkers, Noah and Tyreese came upon a badly mutilated body on the living room floor. Noah covered the body while Tyreese went further into the house. Tyreese came upon a young dead boy, which turned out to be Noah’s brother. The brother got up and bit Tyreese’s arm. Noah left the house to go find help.

3. Tyreese’s Hallucinations Led to Him Seeing Past Members Who Passed On

The show came came back on and gave us more random shots of a the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. A radio played and spoke about the early origins of the undead threat. Tyreese continued to bleed out and he soon started hallucinating. He suddenly saw the former man he was forced to kill when he guarded Rick’s baby. Then, Bob, The Governor and the two girls who used to travel with Carol also popped up in front of Tyreese.

As everyone spoke to Tyreese about what happened in the past, it turned out the the sight of the Governor was in reality a zombie. Tyreese was forced to snap out of his current mental state and fight off the zombie that invaded the room. Tyreese managed to kill the zombie, but his blood loss became even worse.