Who Got Fired on Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? 2/9/15

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It was down to Leeza Gibbons, Vivica Fox, and Geraldo Rivera, but the celebrity sent home tonight was … Vivica Fox.

In the beginning of tonight’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the phone rings in the waiting room and Team Vortex heads back into the boardroom after a few hours. Donald Trump then tells them that the entire other team has been fired and they are the final three. When Trump asks each of the teammates who should move on to the final two, they respectfully fight for themselves. However, Fox says that she thinks Gibbons should move on to the finale because she is better suited to be The Apprentice. Fox says Gibbons is the best leader and Rivera is the better one at bringing in money.

And so, Vivica Fox was fired.

For tonight’s task, Rivera and Gibbons had to create a commercial to sell vacation packages for Universal down in Orlando. They then were to debut their commercials at a party with all their celebrity friends and Universal execs.

The two finalists flew down to Orlando in Trump’s business jet to find Kevin Jonas, Johnny Damon and Brandi Glanville waiting for Gibbons. Jonas was very excited to be on Rivera’s opposing team. Gibbons wants to use a theme of “Magic” and her friend Olivia Newton John has a song called “Magic.” The contestants waiting for Rivera included Lorenzo Lamas, Vivica Fox, and his former boardroom enemy Ian Ziering. Rivera felt that Trump was playing a joke on him by putting his past competitors on his team. Ziering says it wasn’t personal and that the rivalry was purely because he knew Rivera was a huge competitor. He’s more than happy to help him win, though it wasn’t how he originally played things out in his mind. Rivera would like to go the Harry Potter route with his creative theme being “Harry’s World.”

Next Monday the 16th is the live finale of Celebrity Apprentice.

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