‘American Idol’ 2015 Contestants: Top 8 Girls

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On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the Top 8 girls were chosen out of the Top 12 and we had to say goodbye to some favorites. Tonight’s show was shot at the Fillmore theater in Detroit and Ryan Seacrest dove right into the results, with no opening performance. And, the theme of the night was Motown. Now, check out the Top 8 girls who are still on the show below, listed in the order that they were announced.

Tyanna Jones

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This is surreal. She's beyond talented.? @jessr0308

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Tyanna Jones comes from a big and loud family in Jacksonville, Florida. The latest news with Tyanna is that she dyed her hair green. Perhaps it’s for St. Patrick’s Day.

Loren Lott

Lott hails from Atlanta, though she’s a San Diego native. When she sang tonight, judge Jennifer Lopez said that she really has something, and has a true talent.

Maddie Walker


Maddie is the blonde with the burgundy red ends and she likes to talk about the close relationship she has with her mother. She’s only 17 years old, but that doesn’t stop her voice from being powerful.

Joey Cook

Joey Cook is the delightfully awkward girl with blue hair and her own unique style.

Sarina-Joi Crowe

Sarina is a hostess at a restaurant and hopes to prove to America that she’s a star. For her Top 8 performance, she sang “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me.”

Adanna Duru


Adanna Duru sings all the time at home and her brother is always telling her to be quiet and that she sucks, but she doesn’t care. She’s one of the best singers in the competition and loves to perform.


Jax always sports a little “x” on her face under her eye. She hails from Jersey and her only concern is being away from her close-knit family. And, Jax happened to be wearing the black and blue dress that half the internet thought was gold and white the other day.

Alexis Gomez

Alexis Gomez is the country girl who performed barefoot tonight. She’s very close with her family, especially her grandmother who hopes she stays gone for a long time … so she can win.