Carly Waddell – ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ 2015

Throughout the 2015 season of The Bachelor, Carly Waddell has provided viewers with hilarious one-liners and a little drama. Nonetheless, she has been a show favorite. Unfortunately, many of her fellow contestants were not happy after watching the season and seeing Carly’s behind-the-scenes comments. Cast-mate Jillian Anderson confronts Carly at the “Women Tell All” episode and yells at her for talking badly about Britt Nilsson even though the rest of the contestants did the same. Jillian also got down on Carly for throwing her under the bus in front of star Chris Soules, calling her a man. Jillian felt that Carly’s comments stemmed from insecurity, which Carly has admitted to on the show in the past. Watch a clip from the “Women Tell All” as Carly has to sustain some bullets from the firing squad.

Waddell told WFAA that there were things that she said that she regrets and that she didn’t want to come off the way they did. The comments were intended to be comedic, not to hurt other people’s feelings.