Charles Is A: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Finale Spoiler

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Tonight was the season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars and the big reveal was the answer to the question we’ve all been waiting for … Who Is “A”? And the identity of “A” is … Charles? Watch the reveal in the below video:

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The episode starts out with Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily in jail uniforms being transported to another location away from Alison. The police want to split them all up. Hannah tells them all what to expect in prison and how lonely it is, but Spencer is determined to stay headstrong. The four girls all pledge their love for each other and suddenly, the vehicle crashes, they hear noises and the van door is opened to reveal a person dressed in black who fires smoke into the van and abducts the girls.

In the next scene, Toby is telling Spencer’s parents about the abduction and tells them that the other girls’ parents should be kept in the dark. The police do not want this news to hit the public.

Spencer awakens in a floral bedroom that looks like her own, but she’s still in her jail uniform and all her picture frames are blank. Hannah is the second to wake up in a bedroom that looks like her own. The same goes for Emily and Aria. Each girl has a message that reads “Home Sweet Home” and they’re being watched on a video camera. They’re each trapped. Suddenly a recording of “Welcome” comes over a speaker and each of the girls’ doors opens. The four girls are reunited and realize they are “dolls” in A’s dollhouse. They follow a dark hallway down to a room where they find a girl in a mask playing the piano. It’s Mona in a blonde wig.

Mona insists on calling herself Alison and follows the rules of the dollhouse, but when the others want her to try to escape with them, an alarm goes off. Mona tells them that the alarm won’t stop until they’re in their rooms. Each girls runs to their own rooms and the doors shut. Meanwhile, Ezra and Caleb are trying to find a way to save their girls. Later on in the night, Hanna’s door opens and Mona tells her they have three minutes to escape. Mona gives the girls info on possible ways to escape and lets them know that she’s only Alison when A is watching because that’s what it wants her to believe. The girls tell Mona about Alison’s murder conviction and then they all run back to their rooms.

Spencer’s parents tell Alison about the girls going missing and she tells them about “A”, saying that “A” took them. They can’t understand why it would all start all over again after Mona’s death.

In the next scene, A is shown watching all the girls on video from a control panel of televisions. As Spencer is sleeping, she has a dream and the name Charles is spelled out to her in blocks.

Mona is awakened with a gift that is addressed to Alison and it’s a gas mask saying “Because you’re my favorite. – A”. Mona then proceeds to brush her hair in front of the mirror.

Toby learns that the police are now searching for Caleb. In the meantime, the girls are taken to a room where there are goods and decorations for their “prom.” Mona, aka “Alison” is nominated to be on the Prom committee. In a note, Mona asks the others if they received a gas mask from A. They are recreating “A Night At The Opera.”

Spencer’s parents meet with Caleb, Toby and Ezra to try to find the girls and talk about A. When the police arrive, Caleb turns himself in as the others continue to try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Andrew is shown listening in on a cell phone call made by Spencer’s mother.

When the girls are decorating, Emily “takes a stand” and says she doesn’t want to cooperate with “A.” Spencer and Emily get into a physical fight as a result and Mona begins to pack away some of the disposable cameras that are out. Clearly, the fight was staged for this purpose.

Spencer’s parents and Caleb begin to convince the police that the girls haven’t run away, that they’ve been kidnapped. Caleb is able to hack into the police computers and locate the van that the girls were taken from. In the meantime, the girls each go to their rooms and get ready for their prom. All dressed up and surrounded by mannequins with masquerade masks on, the girls await Mona’s entrance. “A” is disguised as one of the mannequins.

Alison DiLaurentis, aka Mona, is announced as the prom queen. Then the girls unveil a crown to give to “Charles” as the prom king. He then appears, but is wearing a mask of course. The girls take a picture of him, causing a blackout, busting some of the fuses. They take off running. At the same time, the police discover the van at a farm that the girls used to go to when they were little. Toby leads them down into A’s lair.

As the girls are running around, Spencer finds herself in a room alone and the power goes on. She then finds a slide projector of the farm and A comes up behind her. When Mona finds Spencer,”Charles” is gone. The girls make their way outside, but are fenced in with an electric fence. Soon, music begins to play. That’s where the episode ends.

Now the big question is … Who Is Charles?

Some report that Charles is the twin brother of Jason (Drew Van Acker), while others think that Andrew Campbell is Charles. Could he be both?

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