VIDEO: Emazing Lights on ‘Shark Tank’

Emazing Lights, gloves with LED lights, entered the Shark Tank on March 13. The lights are used for gloving, which CNBC described as “a form of dancing typically showcased at raves or large parties or festivals, and electronic dance music events.”

Founder Brian Lim asked for $650,000 for 5 percent of the company. On the company’s website, it explains that, “Over the course of four years, Brian grew Emazing into a 40+ person company with over $16.5 million in revenue.”

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The company does not just sell gloves. They have an entire line of rave lights, from glow sticks to spinning orbits to light-up glasses. On their YouTube channel, Emazing Lights features different EDM (Electric Dance Music) artists using their products. Here is a video that brings us into the world of gloving:

Also on this episode:

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