Meet Sara and Erin Foster of ‘Barely Famous’ on VH1

Sara and Erin Foster - 'Barely Famous'

Sara and Erin Foster are the stars of their new "anti-reality show" Barely Famous, a show that makes fun of Hollywood and reality TV. The show premieres on VH1 at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and puts Hollywood elite on blast as Erin explains to Refinery29: People in middle America get a taste of the funny things that happen in L.A., and people in L.A. watch stuff they relate to: People setting up paparazzi shoots for themselves, or having a publicist when there’s no work to be done, or having an assistant when they don’t need an assistant. Just the idiots we all know. Sara then chimed in: But, we’re not making fun of anyone specifically. We’re making fun of a culture; we’re making fun of a genre. When we were developing the show, we had on a big board the word ‘hypocrisy.’ That’s the general theme. Celebrity guest stars include Courtney Cox, Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson. Other areas that the show touches on include dating in Los Angeles and apps like Tinder. Check out more info on the show by clicking through our Instagram gallery of the two sisters putting a spin on Hollywood.

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